inflatable football game An American Footbal Explanation

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-21
inflatable football game An American Footbal Explanation
American football is not only in the United States, but also very popular all over the world.In the United States and Canada, American football is simply called football, which is not exactly the same as football in other places, although American football is actually derived from abroad.Another term used by people in American football is rugby.
Gridiron (a more common usage of this term), unlike other forms of football, is carried out on a series of parallel lines and digital marks similar to gridiron's field, through the heavy protective equipment used, as well as the front pass, the ball line, position, formation and ups and downs system.In North America, the use of the word gridiron usually refers to the playing field, while in other countries the word gridiron will refer to the game..But for now, let me describe some in detail to you.
American football is the most common form of rugby in the world.It played four games with 11 of the two teams on a 100-yard pitch.Ups and downs mean that players who own or hold the ball have been dealt with and may not push the ball further, a meaning of the football term.
Another time the player is considered to be behind, he has expanded his reach, which was announced by an official.These ups and downs are counted as the game progresses.Each stage of the ball control starts from the first down, which is the point measured down from more than 10 yards, called "First and 10 times ".
The goal is to carry the ball without exceeding the boundaries or being knocked down by another team, as close as possible to the other end of the field where the goal is located, touching the ground to score.If the ball holder carries the ball outside of the first and 10 mar k, they will make a new first drop.Another point is that if the goal line is less than ten yards, the game is called "first and goal ".
If the attacking team (the team with the ball) fails to score a new first goal after four attempts at possession, they must hand the ball over to the other team.Now, the ball is owned by the other team and reversed to the other side of the other goal door on the pitch.The game starts with the position of the last shot down ball.
When playing American football, all the other players of any team should avoid winning the ball, except for the center of the team.The center is an attacking player who bounces the ball (hand, throw or roll) back to the qualified pick-up person behind him.The race line is where the ball was finally shot down, all the way through the court, reaching any edge in a flat line of imagination, and if the team has any penalties, they subtract the number of yards from the race line.
When a team is asked for a delay in the game, the penalty occurs.After the end of the previous game, they have 40 seconds to start the gameAfter 5 seconds, the referee marked the ball as ready to avoid a penalty.The football match is divided into four parts, 15 minutes for each part, but timed out (three allowed) and the referee stopped the clock of various calls, making the match last for three hours.
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