inflatable fish What are Air Swimmers – Christmas Gift ideas for 2011

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-25
inflatable fish What are Air Swimmers – Christmas Gift ideas for 2011
Every Christmas there seems to be a new craze for toys or gadgets.A few years ago, everyone remembered furbies, who would forget the surprise of the puppy.It's nice to know ahead of time what the big toy boom is going to be so you don't have to go and fight other crazy mothers on the island in order to put the last toy on the shelf.
I think one of the toys that will be very popular this year is the air swimmer.What is the air swimmer?The air swimmer is an inflatable balloon in the shape of a fish.There are two types of clownfish and sharks to choose from.
Now it doesn't seem like a really cool gift idea, "so there's an inflatable fish-shaped balloon", but I haven't found a good part yet.The best thing about air swimmers is that they can swim!You may wonder how baloon swam in the water, but it's not.That's what Air Swimmers do, they swim in the air!Each giant inflatable fish has a light-weight tail, which is driven by a very light device connected to the abdomen.
The device connected to the abdomen is then controlled by one person through the remote control.The steering is very simple, you can use the up and down buttons to point up or down to the nose, and you can use the swimming action to make it swim left or right.In order for it to swim, you need to swing the control stick back and forth.
If you want it to swim to the right, you need to swing the stick more to the right and let the air swimmer swim to the left as well.The retail price is now $39.This is not a bad price for toys that will be very popular this year.I know this toy will be very popular because I was at the Toy Show when it first came out.
Often a group of children and adults turn around the display and watch inflatable sharks swim in the air, they look in awe.Which model is suitable for me?There are two models to choose from, one is a shark and the other is an ugly fish.I think clownfish is perfect for any kid who likes the movie Finding Nemo.
The ugly fish is very cute and I believe a child will enjoy playing with it.I would recommend this shark if you have a older child, and it would be great to have these two sharks, because that way the kids can pretend that the shark is hunting the clownfish.Now there are a few options, the easiest option is to shop online, the price is the same, you can deliver it free of charge.
I link below to a website with toys.
Another option would be to go to the store and have a look, but since the toy is too new, it may not be available or even be sold out in some stores.Toy fight city is a good shop.If you're shopping online, be sure to check the reviews and make sure you're buying from a good retailer
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