inflatable doll Banksy's Amazing Street Graffiti

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-14
inflatable doll Banksy\'s Amazing Street Graffiti
Bansky is an anonymous British graffiti artist whose real name may be Robert Banks, whose work is mostly littering on the streets of London, but appearing in the United StatesS.And Israel.Banksy, who may have been born in Bristol in 1974, began to be a freehand artist before moving to print around 2000;his anti-war, anti-Build and supportAt the end of 1990, free graffiti images began to emerge on the walls of the city.Although he has had many interviews and even published several books, the true identity of banks is still unknown.
Because he is so elusive, it is only possible to guess that Banksy uses computers to make his templates because they are so complex and realistic.On 2004, he produced a series of 10-pound false strips instead of Princess Diana's head portrait (changing the text written "Bank of England" to "Bank of England ") "Banks of England" and decorated a corridor at the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City.In 2006, Banksy sold an original painting of Queen Victoria as lesbian to Christina Aguilera and sold a set of six silk-For £ 50,400, at Sotheby's, a screen print depicting model Kate Moss in the style of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe photo.
His Mona Lisa's template, green paint dripping down her eyes, was also sold at an amazing high price at the same auction.In addition to making street graffiti and freehand paintings, Banksy is said to be responsible for making some eye-catching stunts.Presumably, he climbed up the Penguin fence at the London Zoo and wrote "We're tired of fish" in letters up to 7 feet m""This is not a photo opportunity" has been painted on some attractions that are actually notorious photo opportunities.
In August 2006, Banksy replaced 500 Paris Hilton's first CD with its own cover art-He renamed the track "why am I famous ?"What am I doing?\ "And changed the image of Paris to expose her to the upper body, or to replace her head with the dog's head, in September 2006 he dressed an inflatable doll as a camp prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, and put the doll on the great Lei mountain railway at Disneyland
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