inflatable dinghy Shark Attacks 2013

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inflatable dinghy Shark Attacks 2013
Shark attacks are always news because they are so few.While you seem to have heard of another event that happened during the summer, they are relatively rare.Thousands of people swim in sharks every day.
Perfect safe waters.
If you don't believe me, watch some TV shows about shark week.For example, the port of Sidney is just a place where thousands of people go to the waters to avoid the hot summer sun, and scientists know that there are dangerous sharks there because they label some of them, and they are watching their movements.On the beaches of the United States, observers pay close attention to sharks and clean up the waters when they appear.
The Sharks will never be far away.
They will appear suddenly and unexpectedly.Sadly, there are usually 6 to 10 people die each year from shark attacks, while about 50 others may be bitten.Although rare, if you choose to take a shower where sharks are known to exist, stay safe in the ocean.
The following are not so fortunate people in 2013.5th Jan, 2013 -Jack Swave in Western Australia, fishing.The calf and the calf were bitten.13-1 monthFishing in New Zealand, Kim Baz.
Little wound on your fingerBronze whale shark16-1 monthPaul Santos of the Hawaii surf teamBite left forearmTiger shark.25-1 monthMatthew Cassine, surf Australia.Wound on the neck26-1 monthThree men are fishing in Australia.
The boat's shark bites the propeller1st Feb, 2013 -The young man was bitten on his knee in Jamaica.9th Feb, 2013 -Zohar Kritzer, French polynisia, scuba diving.Torn arms and thighs.Lemon shark.On the 10 th of the monthCole Tasman, surfing Florida.
Right hand woundBlacktip shark.
21-2 monthsJacob Lansky of the Hawaii surf teamShark bite plateNo injury.21-2 monthsAn unknown surfer in Hawaii.Torn right leg.Probably reef shark.27-2 months-Adam Stach of New Zealand swimming teamWhite shark.3 months 3 daysFundile Nogumla, swimming, Port of St.
John, South Africa.
Injured hands and arms3 months 10 daysAlvin Lovido & John Paul Mangaoang, swimming, Philippines.The Sharks suffered minor injuries to their legs after attacking them.3 months 12 daysFish harpoon by George fazay, Jamaica.
Killed by a giant tiger shark3 months and 16 daysTroy Henry, surf, South Africa.No injury.Board bitten.3 months and 16 daysKobus Koeberg labels SharksLeft calve and heel torn by Hooktooth shark.21-3 monthsSnorkel in Belize at Monika Wanis.
21-3 monthsNameless man fishing in the BahamasThe left leg was bitten.3 months 29 daysRichard Parkinson, freestyle, SeychellesTorn left foot.3-4 months 2 daysA man in Hawaii who did not want to be named was bitten by a shark on his right thigh.
4-4 monthsSwimming, Florida, maleThe bitten hand is torn13-4 monthsNae Deok Gold, Guam.13-4 monthsJoshua White of the Florida surf teamThe bull shark bit his right hand and caused a slight tear.14 monthsSouth Africa, free diving, male.Slight scratches on handsBlue shark.17 monthsNine-year-old Colton seccalli is surfing in Florida.
The shark bit his right foot.
21-4 monthsAustralia, fishing, male.
No details of shark attack28-4 monthsTed Collins, Fishing AustraliaFeet bitten by the landing 2 m wobbeong shark.4th May, 2013 -Michael Adler of the Florida surf teamThere is a slight tear in the left foot and ankle.8th May, 2013 -Stana:©Phane Berhamel, body.
Bull shark.
23-5 monthsHamed Salah fishing in GazaLost two fingers.27-5 monthsKyle Kirkpatrick, 11, swimming in Florida.The right foot was bitten.6 months and 6 daysSteve Adamson of the Australian surf teamNo injury.
Shark bite plate6 months and 6 daysWalter Kaifu, fishing in Florida.Left hand bitten by landing lemon shark14 monthsAlison Foreman, 10Boarding in South CarolinaPuncture wound of hand15 monthsFemale, Florida surfTorn left ankle.16-6 monthsKevin Bracey, Surf South Africa.
Torn knee.
3-17 monthsGarlitte Sebesta, 15, swimming in Texas.The left hand and leg were bitten.3-17 monthsCorey Robertson, boogie, Texas.Right thigh tear.18 monthsJames krigan of the Hawaiian swimming teamRight thigh and calf bitten by 14 \ 'tiger shark.
3-25 monthsJoshua Watson swimming in South CarolinaMinor injuries.June 25, 2013-Colleen Malone swimming in FloridaTorn left foot.Bull shark.27-6 monthsKevin, Jamaica.The body bitten by a sharkProbably drowned first.
30 monthsMale, fishing, Taiwan.
The right thigh was bitten.
3-7 monthsJimmy McDonald-Jones, a surfer in South Australia.No injuries.Hole in the diving suit7 months and 11 daysBarbara Corey, wading in North Carolina.The right foot was bitten.7 months and 15 daysSarah, 15, is swimming and reunited.
, 2013.
When the shark attackedBut he thinks the size of the bite is much bigger than the shark.He swam back to the boat and walked to the shore where his fiancé met him©Drive him to the Nick Bay Hospital in carrasta.From there he was flown to the Royal Perth Hospital where he was stitched and released.
The type of shark involved has not yet been determined.While surfing Noosa in Queensland, his neck was torn.No further information.After the shark bit his lower left arm, he was taken to the North Hawaii Community Hospital for treatment.
When the shark attackedThe attack also took place in waters 8 feet deep, and sharks came out to feed at dusk...Mr. Santos's hand was almost cut off during the attack and was saved only with the skill of the surgeon at Kaizawa Hospital on Oahu, where he was later transferred.When he was bitten by 4-the right hand was torn.
Fishing on Mercury Island in New Zealand.
.When predators hit, the beach was packed with families enjoying the summer sun and popular water sports.Believed to be about 4 metres long (13 feet), the fishermen Pio Mose witnessed the attack.Police fired an inflatable boat and shot at the Shark, who had been returning and biting the strange man's body to prevent rescuers from getting it back.
The shark reportedly turned over before disappearing.Two or three great white sharks have been found nearby, and the beach has been closed before further notice.An 18-year-old man was on a boat trip in Pedro, Jamaica.
Fishing on the southern coast of Jamaica.
He and a group of people met a group of tiger sharks on a remote island three miles south of the mainland.He is separated from the main group and they are unable to save him from the vicious bites that attack sharks.His body was later recovered from the water by his comrades.
while scuba-Dive on tapu reef in Bora.
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