Inflatable Dams Analysed Using Numerical Methods - inflatable

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-22
Inflatable Dams Analysed Using Numerical Methods  -  inflatable
This is indeed an old technical paper written about thirty years ago for my first degree.The development of high-strength flexible synthetic rubber film creates a reliable but economical alternative to traditional concrete and steel structures for the storage, delivery or handling of most materials used in today's engineering field.Inflatable Dam is one of the products that utilize sealed pipes that can be pressurized with water or air or both, suitable for installation on any river, river or waterway, it is used for flood control, water conservancy, Tide Control, locking system, entertainment facilities and other purposes.
The construction of the inflatable dam is simple, and it takes almost no time to install it.It is usually made of a flat piece of rubber fabric, folded into a form shape, sealed in place during installation.Usually, it is fixed on a reinforced concrete slab or foundation with steel structure members and anchor bolts.
An inflatable dam can be installed on its basis using a double anchor line or a single anchor line.Figures (1a) and (1b) show a perspective sketch of the inflatable dam installed with these two anchor methods.For the double Anchor Dam, the base length of the inflatable dam is clear, I .
The distance between the anchor lines, provided that the membrane on the downstream side of the dam is not flat on the base surface.The base length of an inflatable dam fixed with a single anchor line is defined as the lateral length of the membrane that is flat on the base surface or on the foundation.Under different load conditions, the base length of a single anchor dam is different.
The two free ends of the inflatable dam are sealed in a circular shape, or the membrane is connected to the membrane at both ends through a simple straight connection.Both ends are usually bolted to concrete walls or bridges.An inflatable dam tube can be specified to extend above the river bank where other end fixing methods can be designed.
The inlet and outlet of the internal pressure of the inflatable dam is made through the base of the dam or the end of the dam.In general, there are several changes in fabric structure and several installation methods according to application, location, flow, stress, etc.Fig..Some possible applications of inflatable structures are listed.
These include:-Inflatable dams are used for various purposes in different places.Raise the water level of the reservoir.The inflatable dam is 60.It is 96 m long and can expand to a height of 2.32 meters.The film used is neoprene-Nylon reinforced with a Ding rubber coating.
The weight and thickness of the film are 4.and 3.43mm respectively.The result of the installation is an increase in water storage, which in turn allows more power to be generated in the area.An inflatable dam for 21 people34 m long, 1.
.As a dam, the pumping station of Bournemouth and regional water companies supports the local river water level, thus solving the pump suction difficulties of the pumping station.The use of inflatable dams as a replacement for conventional concrete or steel structures has both advantages and disadvantages.Listed :-The theoretical and experimental section shapes of the dam are compared and discussed.
The inflatable dam must be installed or fixed on a specific rigid basis, usually reinforced concrete.https://github
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