inflatable costumes Franchise Marketing with Custom Inflatables

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-06
inflatable costumes Franchise Marketing with Custom Inflatables
The franchise benefits from corporate advertising such as television and radio programs, coupons, newspaper inserts, etc.However, individual franchisees cannot count on success by relying on others or extensive efforts --Make a comprehensive effort in a popular way.As a local franchisee, it is your responsibility to coordinate and implement marketing activities to win the support of the community.
Since they are flexible, customizable and proven to be effective, inflatable toys have always had a natural affinity with franchise sales and marketing.Here are several ways to get a return on incorporating the inflatable device into your plan.1.Promotional gifts-You can mark inflatable key chains, balls, photo frames, etc with your logo and location.
Since everyone likes to win something, there are regular prize drawings on the second day of the week at certain times, or offer promotional items to the top X visitors.You generate a good will and provide a way to remind customers to visit your store again soon.2.Inflatable product replicaWant to stop traffic on the street and on the sidewalk?Place a replica of the inflatable product in the parking lot or roof.
It's as if they're not enough in size, and because they're colorful, giant inflatable toys can also help franchise marketing.Because they are exact replicas of your product (just much bigger!) Not something you can see every day, curiosity gets the upper hand and customers can't help but walk in and see what's going on.3.Inflatable mascotSimilar to the size and function of the inflatable product replica, these are the huge, same performance of your company's mascot.
Due to the emotional connection between the mascot and the customer, these inflatable toys have a great attraction with franchise sales and marketing activities.4.Inflatable clothingThey walk, they talk, they shake hands with customers.Life of any promotion.These are combinations of inflatable toys, mascots and costumes that you can wear.
A built-Give clothing its shape in the van and keep people cool.5.AdvertisingWant to see sales soar?Take an inflatable advertising plane.This familiar shape is customized according to the color and logo of your franchise and then fixed outside of your location.
Customers can find you a few miles away.
Because the inflators are easy to install, deflate, pack and move, they are very easy to use in multiple positions.Do you want to improve your franchise marketing?Inflatable toys can do the job quicklyRestaurants, tax-service foodReady office, automaticParts stores, hair salons and many other stores.Check out the various options available that can improve store traffic.
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