inflatable bull ride for sale 2011 F1 season resumes this weekend at Belgium

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-31
inflatable bull ride for sale 2011 F1 season resumes this weekend at Belgium
As tAhey wants to start reducing the distance from Red Bull Racing and the track, McLaren are also growing --Will the spa make them feel good?This will certainly not be a smooth journey for the Red Bull team, as their competitor's car has grown to RB6 and is no longer a turning point.In the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, their leadership has been strongly attacked and this season will resume on Sunday, 28, after they have experienced three games.week break.If last season Lewis Hamilton was eager to win the classic game for the first time in history and he finally won it, then this year he is eager to go through the Spa tour again --He was tempted by its curves and the feeling of getting rid of its limits.
No wonder 26-year-The old British driver from McClaren said it was one of his favorite tracks.Full of confidence in his team's good results in the last two gamesHe won in Germany, and then his teammates and fellow Hungarian Patton won --Hamilton has the highest expectations for Belgium and will begin to shorten 88-Distance from the points of Sebastian Vettel, the single-player Leader of the game.In terms of the weather problems of the Spa drivers, they will find very similar to the situation experienced by Hungaroring, which is wet in certain passages of the competition and dry in other passages.
Pirelli has announced which tire compounds will be provided for this competition: medium soft tire compounds.They think they are best suited to the features of the track, and based on them, McLaren will be part of their strategy.Barton believes that they have learned a lot about medium tires from the experience of the European Grand Prix, which has been translated into improvements.
Although he has failed to complete any of the last two games in Belgium's controversial matches, 31-The year-old former world champions want better luck this time, claiming their MP4-The best condition for the game is 26.McLaren's goal is clear: don't give up pressure on Red Bull in the remaining eight games.If they can find an ally of Alonso who scored the same goal from Ferrari, maybe they can cause trouble for the energy drinks team.
The fact is that after 6 wins in 11 games, Vettel no longer needs to win the second F1 championship in a row with first place results.He became the youngest driver last year.years-Win the World Championship with five wins and 256 points.He has lost only 22 places this season, and fourth place is his worst performance this year, which is clear that his opponent will play only for pride in the second half of the season.
Mathematically, Alonso, Hamilton and Barton still have the option to give us an exciting ending from behind, but we can't forget Mark Webb, Vettel's teammate, the Australian driver came second with 149 and will be another hurdle on their way
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