inflatable bouncy castle How to Tell The Age Limit to Your Bouncy Castles

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-31
inflatable bouncy castle How to Tell The Age Limit to Your Bouncy Castles
If you would like to provide a supervisor for your party.Colorful birthday friends will safely supervise your children and your children's fun friends in Happy Birthday bouncers.But how can I tell you the age limit for your castle?The rental merchant will deliver the castle to your venue at the time agreed with you.
You call them and ask them to order before, on, or before your party, and then they inflate the castle and tell you how to operate safely.Some companies have launched a brochure with a warm note sewn into each bounce house.They will ask you to read the safety instructions and sign a copy.
Your party is the best!We will take it at the appointed time.How many children can go to the inflatable castle at a time?10x10 = 6max.12x12 = 8max.15x15 = 12 Max.18x18 = 14max.Assault Course = 2maxSlide = 2max.These are all approximate values depending on age and size.
Usually, bounce houses are used for children, but there are inflatable castles for adults, adults and children too, so parents can play with your children.Yes, as long as they are rated for adult use, for example: 15x15/18x18 etc.However, according to the size of the product, there is a limit on age.
Many parents will ask, is the inflatable castle safe for toddlers?The answer is yes.There are many small sizes that are especially suitable for toddlers.Like 8 * 8ft or 10 * 10ft, many toys inside the bodyguard do not have high slides at the same time in order to provide a safe height for toddlers, there is a high wall around the bouncer all of our bouncers are safe as long as the children are supervised while playing.
How to clean the castle?The material is PVC waterproof oil cloth, and it is coated with waterproof and fireproof coating on solid materials, so just dip in the water with a clean cloth and scrub it twice, there is no need to pull all the products to the wall, use the cleaner, after cleaning, you have to keep the bodyguard completely dry, otherwise it will affect the quality and saving.How much space does it take to build a resilient Castle?It depends on the size of the castle, for example, if you hire our 12x12, you need 12x12 to build the castle, plus about 2 feet of the time to fix the ground and inflate the fan, the entrance to the castle has enough space.You need 8 feet more space.Professional staff will be provided and set up-Up the bouncy castle and provide instructions so that parents can rest assured that their children will be safe while enjoying their lives.
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