inflatable boat Introducing the flat foam push bow Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) by ASIS

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-27
inflatable boat Introducing the flat foam push bow Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) by ASIS
At Assisi, we pride ourselves on being an advanced offshore solution provider for rigid inflatable boats.We bring concepts into reality to provide you with solutions to the most complex needs.The Assisi boat, once again, has brought huge innovation to the terminal operators, a special rigid inflatable boat with a flat-panel foam push head and a pull bow column, in order to enable terminal operators to manipulate large yachts and yachts in the event of distress or strong winds, to help them park safely.
This specially customized dock-operated rigid inflatable boat was delivered to Meraas Holding for their newly developed dock along the Dubai River.The Assisi ship is once again able to customize the rib design to meet the needs of customersmet needs.As early as August, Meraas Holding approached the Assisi boat to meet very specific rigid inflatable boat (RIB) requirements.
They need a rib that can push the yacht and guide them in the right direction, which is due to engine failure or the help of berthing.One of the main advantages and advantages of Oasis is to customize and meet the needs of customersIn order to meet the needs, Assisi's engineers and designers have proposed an improved foam-filled flat bow design with extraordinary enthusiasm.The first ship was manufactured, tested and ready for delivery two months later.
Size of 8 m, Assisi rigid inflatable boat made of fiberglass hull with bow tow Rod, stern tow Rod, T-Top, 500 liter fuel capacity, single future console with handle and screen, black paintedThe reclining column, the back is black, black.Frame with platform and folding ladder.The newly designed dock-operated rigid inflatable boat can accommodate 15 passengers.This Assisi dock operation RHIB 8 m is equipped with a dual Yamaha 4 stroke F200 BETX Hp outboard engine with a sea star hydraulic steering system complete with accessories capable of achieving 46 in safety and comfort.
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