inflatable beach ball The Best Party Games for 14-Year-Old Girls

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-19

Hosting a group of teenage young girls at a birthday party is a challenge for many parents.It can be difficult to find fun games suitable for young girls and at the same time not too stupid or childish.Luckily, there are a lot of party games that require minimal preparation, but still provide a lot of ageProper entertainment for parties-goers.This fun game adds an interesting twist to a more traditional spinning bottle.Most teenagers like to use nail polish best, which makes this game especially suitable for 14-year-old girls.The girls sat in a circle with a series of nail polish colors in the middle.From the birthday girl, every party-Goer selects a color and rotates the bottle.Once the bottle stops spinning, the lid of the bottle points to her girl who has to draw a nail.This continues until the nails of each girl are painted in a variety of colors.To extend the game, girls can also draw toenails according to the idea of a birthday party for 4 children.No external supplies are needed for this fun game, but it will definitely keep the party goingAs the children's party house says, the audience is laughing.First of all, a person is asked to leave the room and the rest of the group will designate a "leader" when the person is away "."Another player was asked to come back and then she had to guess who was the leader.The leader chooses an interesting action to perform, such as pulling her ear or scratching her head, and others must follow her action.She switches the action on a regular basis and other players immediately imitate her.In this case, the selected player must maintain a keen eye to determine who is the leader.Once the player finds the leader, she leaves the room and the group chooses the next leader.Give each girl 20 pieces of candy.As suggested by Party 411, jellybeans works well in this game.The game starts with a birthday girl making an accurate statement of herself, starting with the phrase "I never have."For a particular girl, every presentation is incorrect and she has to eat fudge.This lasts until at least one turn per girl, although the game can be extended by giving each girl two or three turns.At the end of the game the person with the most candy won.This game allows girls to learn a little from each other while having a good time.Using permanent markers, write down at least 15 questions on inflatable beach balls.As suggested by the birthday party idea 4 Kids, questions can be focused on specific likes, dislikes, fun habits, likes, or secret infatuation.Let the girl sit around and let the birthday girl throw the ball to one of her guests.Then, whoever catches the ball, must answer the question that is closest to her right thumb or touches her right thumb.
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