inflatable beach ball How To Keep Cool On the Beach A few ideas to stop you turning into a sand blasted, bright red lobster!

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-20
inflatable beach ball How To Keep Cool On the Beach A few ideas to stop you turning into a sand blasted, bright red lobster!
The sand is very dangerous!Now we all know that the weather forecasters tell us every summer, don't forget our sunscreen, make sure we wear this and that, and most importantly, stay away from the hot sun.Yeah, right!We went through a cold winter with snow, frost, rain and almost everything thrown on us for a few months, and then the weather forecast told us to stay away from the sun?Oh please!As if we would.They thought we were fools?For God's sake, this is the sun!We want to feel warm!So, yes, I'm lying in the sun.
I want to stay there.
A few hours, a few hours, until the end of the day, my body will be a glowing brown sun kiss goddess, and everyone around a few miles will admire my beauty!So There.It would be better to lie on the beach.The Sun, the beach and the sea.There is a lovely sunbathing on the road.You mean, I'm going to look like a lobster that's blown up in the sand into a bright red color?Why do you think I will get heatstroke and become angry, painful and dangerous?I'm not a guy who just walks around because I get sunburned on my leg!What me?Just because I forgot to bring enough sunscreen to sit on the beach and make sandcastles, and because I didn't want to get my pants wet, I crossed my knee?!I'm a woman with strong control.I know how to take care of myself.I know how to keep cool on the beach.Of course I do.I think.Seriously guys, this is just an example of how people think.
We forget that it is dangerous to bask in the sun too much.How to keep cool on the beach in summer.The real Way!Seriously, it's a dangerous thing to have fun..They believe that because it is time to rest and relax, everything around them will be safe and protected.
So here are a few tips to keep the beach cool.Make sure you take a cooler and store it with cold water or drinks you like.Add a lot of ice to not only cool the drink, but also cool yourself.
Don't take alcohol to the beach.
Not only is it illegal in some states or countries, it will dehydrate you.It will be more convenient to bring the cooler and will save you a lot of money.In the sun, you will feel thirsty in ten minutes.
What's the point of comfort if you have to keep up and run to the nearest store or beach bar for a drink?Chair or recliner on the dunes.But it's the best place to put it by the water.Nothing is worse than deciding to go swimming in the sea and having to walk half a mile into the water, covered with sand on the road.
It's not too bad during the trip, but when your feet are cute and clean, it's not fun to go back the same way and will only be covered with granular sand with toe skin.Then, when you finally get there, you either take ten minutes to wipe the sand off or try to find a bucket of water to pour on it.We always forget to take the bucket to the water!Another reason to set up on the water surface is that you can shake your feet in the waves.
With the blowing of the sea breeze, you will feel cooler and more comfortable.When you go to the beach, you always think that you will find a lovely shade on the recliner with an umbrella.Wrong!All the best places will be taken away when you get there.
You see it every time you go to the seaside.Hundreds remained calm, and some poor people sat in exposed seats, desperately trying to stay calm.I carry an umbrella with me and it doesn't matter if you end up just lying on a beach towel or anywhere else.
There is a lovely shade on your fingertips.We all know how it feels.We felt comfortable lying on the beach or recliner, and next thing we noticed was that our heads started to get really hot and sweaty.So it's a good idea to bring a cool beach pillow.
A pillow full of water.
Best of all, you don't have to go to the beach with a bulky pillow.This is folded.All you have to do when you get there is go to the beach and fill it up!If you want it to be really cold, put it in your fridge for a while.How cool is this?Of course, if you forget to take it, just take a beach towel and dip it in the sea and fold it over your head.
If your head is cool then others will feel better.A lot of things lying on the beach actually need to be moved.Whether it's another drink, go to the ocean, or chat with your friends.
This is when you can forget that the sun is very dangerous.We will be careful when we sit in the sun or move towards the water, but forget the bits and pieces insidebetween.You don't want to wear anything heavy, you certainly don't need to wet or sand your daytime clothes.
So you have to put on a sarong or coat.
This will protect you from the sun and keep you cool.Also, a lot of women don't like to show off around in a bikini or costume!Especially if we don't have that number.In other words, most of us!WARNING -The child's body temperature changes very quickly and is fatal.
.If the sun is really hot, cover the child with a quilt.Or wear a hat on your head or a long T-shirt.There is only so much sunscreen can do.You can never be too careful with your child.
Children's body temperature is not as stable as adults.It can change in the blink of an eye.Sometimes I shudder when I see a baby or little child running around the outside with almost nothing, for hours in a row.Or in a stroller on the beach.This made me want to go to my mother and shake her hand.
.Now I know this is obvious, but please bear with me!Jump in the sea if you want to stay cool!Yes, good so far!But there's one thing you 'd better not forget.Make sure you apply strong sunscreen when you're doing it.Sun light can actually penetrate the surface of the water, at least 5 feet below the surface of the water.
So when you're showing off your great swimming moves, remember that the sun burns a hole in your head!Oh, and your shoulders and back and so on.Then, when you finally decide that you have done enough exercise, go out and apply more sunscreen and go lie down and rest!Have fun!Water Fights!!Of course, so must the seaside.The Sunscreen!?You can fill them with water and get everyone wet and have a good time!Not only will all this lovely water remove the sand that has decided to wear a bikini, yes, I know the feeling!If you suddenly have a heat wave, it will also cool you down quickly.
We sometimes forget that the body can change the temperature very quickly.That's how heatstroke caught you.You'll be fine in A minute, and next minute you'll be taken away by an ambulance to A & E!Please don't forget sunscreen.I know I'm holding on...But seriously, this is the most important thing for you.
Continue to splash on it.
Kids look like white snowman covered with cream and sand, it doesn't matter if SP level is 50.So what?They must be protected.And so do you.Be sure to protect the back of your neck.This part of your body, if burned, can actually kill you.It's the brain stem.I need to say more!All it needs is a little common sense.
So, as you can see, my little rant at the beginning about knowing it all, well, proves that I don't know it all!If you are careful, you will have a wonderful summer by the sea.If not, you will end up like a lobster that is fried with sand into a bright red color.Like this photo.I have never seen such a serious sunshine injury in my life.
I can't imagine how this woman can get herself into this state.We can't see her face.But it could be a bonus!Since she has a child (the photos are not pixelated and just protect the identity of the child), it shows that she has to be in her 30 s or 40 s.Unbelievable.Very selfish.?Now you know!Enough said!
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