inflatable balls you can get inside Solar System Costume Ideas

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-27

Unique creative costumes can attract a lot of attention in costume parties, Halloween events, parades and even school events.With some imagination and creativity, clothing can be created from unique concepts like the solar system.Solar system costumes can also be an interesting and exciting way to teach young students about planets while keeping their attention.To make costumes for the solar system, it is important to know some information about the subject.The solar system includes the Sun and eight planets.According to their distance from the sun, the eight planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.When creating planets for Solar System costumes, authenticity comes from using the appropriate colors.Paint Mercury Gray, Venus yellow, Earth blue, green, brown and white, Mars Brown-Yellow, Jupiter light blue and orange stripes, Saturn yellow, gray ring, Uranus light blue, Neptune dark blue, Pluto cloudy gray.In addition, choose the sphere representing the size of the planet, from the smallest to the largest, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and the sun.If you choose to include the Earth's moon, it is about twice the size of Pluto.Use a hula-As the ring of the solar system framework.Decorate a suit of sweat first to make it look like a galaxy.Cut the little white stars from the felt and stick them with fabric glue.Once the stars are dry, outline them with a silver flash or glow --in-the-Dark fluffy paint with added details.Next, use hula to create a framework for the solar systemBig enough to fit around the costume wearer, but not too big a ring.Spray-paint the hula-Let it dry.Guide the costume wearer to hold the HulaHe had a circle in the middle, a little above his waist.With the hula-After the hoop is in place, tie a clear string of fishing lines in front of the left.Tie the end of the fishing line to the safety pin and attach the pin to the left shoulder of the jersey.Then cut out three length fishing lines and attach the rope to the front right, back left and back right of the shirt.When all four lines are connected together, the strings should be tightened, hula-The ring should be kept level around the body.Finally, create planets, Sun and Moon by painting foam plastic balls in the right colors and string planets from hula danceIron Ring with fishing line.Use a black baseball cap and paint a white star with a swollen face.Let it dry.Next, the circle representing the planets, the Sun and the moon is cut from the white craft foam.Let circles of different sizes represent the size of each planet.Add color to process using markers or paint-foam planets.Once the planets dry, stick each planet around the hat in the order they relate to the sun.It's a simple costume that can be put on in a flash, but helps visualize the solar system.Select your favorite planet and recreate it in papier mache.Starting with an oversized balloon that is large enough to make a paper machine ball, you can put your torso inside.Cover it with a few layers of paper and paint it as the planet of your choice.Cut the holes in the arms, legs and head and cut a crack in the back so you can go in.
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