inflatable balls you can get inside How to Make Paint Balloons

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-26

People who want to play paintball games without equipment can play paint balloons.You can fill the balloon with paint and throw it to others.This can make a combat game with the team.Each team can fill some balloons with paint of a specific color.Learn how to make paint balloons and start planning how to attack your opponent.Wear gloves to start this project.Put the newspaper in your work area.Pour some paint into a clean empty water bottle with a funnel.You need enough paint to fill the balloon so the balloon breaks when it is thrown.You can try it with water first so you know how much paint each balloon needs.Blow the balloon upSoon, put the balloon lip on the bottle opening.Place the balloon lip on the bottle and pour the bottle over so that the balloon is at the bottom and the paint in the bottle flows into the balloon.Fill the balloon with all the paint.Remove the balloon's lips from the bottle and tie it.
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