inflatable balls you can get inside How to Get Rid of Ants Inside

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-27

The food source attracted ants.Therefore, it is not surprising that ants often appear at home.Thankfully, you can get rid of these nasty creatures without much trouble.There are chemical treatment methods such as pesticides and poison, and there are also non-usetoxic products.With regular treatment, you can not only clear existing ants, but also prevent future ants from gathering in your home or office.Spray pesticides on ants.Most grocery stores and pharmacies have pesticides that contain the poison that immediately kills ants.Spray pesticides directly along the entire ant trail, concentrated where ants enter the room.Mix three portions of vinegar with one portion of warm water.Spray the mixture along the perimeter of the room.The sour taste of vinegar repels ants.Put corn flour where ants gather.The ants could not digest the corn flour.They will eat it and die.Put borax in small plastic containers throughout the room, also known as sodium boron hydrate.The ant will eat the borax and it will kill them.You can also mix Borax with sugar to attract ants.Sprinkle black pepper around the room.The ants will not cross the black pepper.Clean all exposed surfaces thoroughly.Store the food in a closed container.If there is any crumbs or liquid flowing out, the ants will undoubtedly be attracted to them.Ants will also be attracted by scented cosmetics such as perfumes, shampoos and gels.Make sure all the bottles are closed.
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