inflatable balls you can get inside How to Clean Rubber From Glass

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-27

Rubber is a very strong adhesive.Rubber adhesive is one of the most popular rubber adhesives.It usually comes with a brush applicator that can be used for several different things around the home, office and school.It is perfect for use with process items and repairs.When it sticks to a hard surface like a glass, there is no ordinary cleaner to do the job.More stringent measures must be taken to remove this strong adhesive.Scrape as much rubber as possible with the blade.The razor blade can be placed under the rubber and touch the glass directly so you can pick up the rubber and take it out quickly.Spray glass with detergent.Wipe with a paper towel as usual.Scrub if necessary.Repeat until all residue is gone.
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