inflatable ball suit How to Make an Inflatable Suit

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-09

An inflatable suit can make you the life of a party, the ultimate opera player, or the hip --hop mogul-in-waiting.Why are you satisfied with a suit that is not inflated, when you only need a small amount of supplies and effort to easily make a set in your own home?If you want to please your friends with an exaggerated and magical outfit, the inflatable suit is the best way to inflate yourself without deflating your wallet.A rough idea of what your suit will look like.Popular versions of inflatable suits include sumo, Ninja, Giant Baby or regular male or female.The design is divided into four pieces: front top, back top, back bottom and back bottom.It is best to leave extra space in the design for thicker, stronger seams.Exterior of decorative air-According to your taste, use tight material and then cut with scissors according to your design.Latex film can be purchased online or in some fancy stores.Patch the part of the suit along the inner seam with tape.Stick the lower half together, and then stick the upper half together.Put on the inflatable suit, patch the top and bottom of the waist with tape or rubber cement, leaving a small opening for the nozzle of the gas pump.Apply stitches around your feet, wrists and collarbone to prevent air leakage.Have a trusted friend start delivering air to the opening at your waist.Insert any unexpected holes using tape.Adjust the stitching for efficiency and comfort.
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