inflatable ball How to Use a Test Ball Pipe Plug

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-16

During the sewer air test, the test ball pipe plug or pneumatic pipe plug is used to plug the sewer.The test ball plug has different sizes and is suitable for different pipe diameters.Multi-size test ball pipe plug can be used for pipes of various diameters.The use of a multi-size test plug does not require a pipe plug of more than one size.Some test ball plugs have eye bolts used when fixing soft lines.This tether allows lifting or lowering the pipe plug with a poly lift line.Clean the pipes of any debris with a high pressure cleaning machine.Scrub the pipe with a brush and rinse it with water.Remove any objects that may pierce the plug.Insert the extension hose of the inflator into the filling balloon of the plug.Attach the anchor hook to the eye bolt located on the inflatable balloon.Connect the pressure gauge to the other end of the hose.Attach the tether hook of the hose to the wellAnchor Point near the pipe.Put the plug into the pipe that needs to be tested.Place it at a distance from the diameter of at least one pipe at the outlet of the pipe.Inflate the plug to the recommended pressure according to the packing instructions.Check inflation pressure every four hours.A small amount of air volume may leak through the main body of the plug.Re-Inflate the plug as needed to maintain constant pressure and prevent leakage.Monitor the pipes you insert to see if any leaks or bad seals occur.
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