inflatable arena for sale Popular Great Lake Hotel up for sale

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-28
inflatable arena for sale Popular Great Lake Hotel up for sale
After managing the Great Lakes Hotel for over 12 years, licensed Kaylee Hattinger sold the iconic bar.Located in Miena, Central Highlands, this bar overlooks the great lake and has become a popular place for locals and tourists.Mobilexa0The hartingev said she could not imagine living anywhere else.
"I just like tazhou, I like lakes and I like the way I live," she said ."."I really believe that we live in the most beautiful place in the world, where it is beautiful."The rest of the world is just a great place to visit.
Hattinger, who runs seven days a week and four seasons, said she wanted to sell the property while still enjoying the job."I'm just tired," she said ."."I don't want to hate this place in the end, I want to give it the same care and attention as always.I still care, I'm still passionate about it and I'm still investing in the community.
"I still have a big commitment to Tashi, our services and the brand we built.Although the business has not yet been officially launched, the hartingev announced the news on Friday's social media page."Nothing is official until itxa0"Facebook official," she said, so I just wanted to cast a net there and see if anyone was interested.
With more than 24,000 fans on the Great Lakes Hotel's Facebook page, the news quickly spread, and hundreds of people jumped online to show their interest in the sale.While most followers say they want to own the property, some suggest that new owners should be asked to continue the tradition of regularly updating the snow throughout the year."I think I 've done a lot of work to promote the area with our snow photos and updates through our Facebook page," the hartinggev said .
"People know more about the area and we see more tourists.The couple planned to stay in Central Heights andxa0The new owners of the Great Lakes Hotel can expect them to become regular guests."We still have a house on our side."This is just a beautiful place to wake up every morning, snow, lake, beautiful fresh air," said the hartinggev .
The hotel includes a bar and a comprehensive store and a fivexa0Bedroom manager House
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