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by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-28

inflatable arena for sale Historic Maldon home for sale
This is one of the best and famous houses in Malden, this elegant, rendered double brick Georgian-Victorian, named after one of the area's most respected residents.If you are in the mood for a grand event, with card nights and music parties all the rage under the soft lighting of the gas lights, then cadhouse has your name.There are five bedrooms with suites, heating and heating in all rooms, and a maid's room with an ensuite.

Each room is designed for a luxurious life and is more like a luxurious hotel room with exquisite Turkish carpets, curtains and polished wood.Formal admission continues with the grand hospitality theme, and you can forgive the concierge for taking you to your room.The gorgeous dining and living room features open air, bay windows, polished planks and soaring ceilings.

The commercial zoning is as valuable as gold in the bank, giving you a lot of options to consider.If you continue to run it as a landmark B & B, run it as a restaurant or catering as there is a full commercial kitchen and two basement with flag stone floors, or put the business idea aside and turn it into a family where everything starts.Located in a generous 3647, always plays an important role in the cafe and restaurant life of this northern town of Victoria, you are only a short walk away from the event, only 140 km from Melbourne CBD.

The agent said Calder House is important.xa0Part of Malden's history.The National Trust thinks this town may bexa0The most striking goldThe mining town survived because of its excellent ecological environment and is worth preserving.xa019 th century architecturexa0Good order, winding streetsxa0Planting of European trees.About 1861-historic landmark home1888,xa0Listed in scopexa0$720,000-$750,000xa0Biggin & Scott called Michael DeVincentis at 0417 142 152.                                

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