inflatable arena for sale Boats For Sale

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-04
inflatable arena for sale Boats For Sale
(2).Mods are welcome to delete if you wish.I can't really provide this as a WSO (lol), but I would like to make this offer to my British Warriors first.I want to sell off some of my ships...The first one is.It will take some small work to finish in the next season.The ropes need to be replaced and the Hull needs to be cleaned and pollution-proof as well.
The port side and starboard side also need to be replaced.After that, you will be ready for the next season.Located in west Cornwall.Will need to be removed from the current berth within two weeks of the sale.
Only cash in hand.
Complete sales and all rigging.
Small repairs on the door side of the deck, but they are all good and the shape of the boat is also good.The cottage below is built on the ocean floor.Fiberglass hull material.About 1970 years old.Register at Lloyds Bank, London.Bottom pump, sail, motor and stern.Props for the front and inside engine-Unfortunately, there is no inner engine, and the last one is taken out because of the solid being seized.
Anchor and Fender are also included.
Priced at 450 ovno-bargain!.
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