human soccer ball Physical Education Activities And Games for K-12. Curriculum and Instruction in the Gym.

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human soccer ball Physical Education Activities And Games for K-12.  Curriculum and Instruction in the Gym.
for K-12.From kindergarten to grade 12, I have taught all grades in school.The PE class is very interesting.Or it could be a difficult lesson.My philosophy has always been that team sports, personal sports, fitness for lifelong sports, teamwork, learning, although it is an important aspect of physical education, it is important to always include interesting, challenging and relaxed aspects in my class as students are much more responsive to these things.For all the age groups I teach.I see more and more children lose the art of enjoying happiness.
And pressure from many different angles in their daily lives.In their PE class.Some of the favorites from elementary school, middle school and high school.I find that sports activities, ideas and sports games are the hardest to find for high school students.
It is also not difficult to find for middle-grade students.For high school students.1.Speed ball -Use a semi-deflated indoor football.Two goals are needed at the end of the gym.
Two teams, one is the piñis team.
Start with a jump and then the team tries to score by kicking the ball, shooting or throwing the ball at a teammate (like football.Players can't dribble, only dribble and pass.If the ball is on a roll or on the floor they cannot pick it up and have to use the feet, the ball can be caught from the kicked ball.
Twisted Matball-There are four mats playing in the corner of the gym.Runners run around the base twice to score.Can run as many runners as possible on the mat at a time.
In addition to not being exposed to the base of power output, you can go out like playing football.The two pitchers bowled at the same time to two players.All runners can keep running until both balls return to the pitcher.
Instead of using 3 out, we use 6 out.
-Close the door of the gym and use the walls for squash activitiesThis will certainly help them out of aggression.Middle-grade students seem to be happy with anything positive.I am always surprised that they are willing to learn and play.
My PE class always talks as little as possible and has as many activities as possible.1.Four Corners stolen-4 teams each have different colors of pink, divide the gym into 4 parts, put three pins in the back corner of each part, and put a hula hoop somewhere in that part as a prisonThe team tried to get into other team parts, steal a pin and bring it back to its own part without being caught.If they do, if not, keep the pin and get caught, and they get to the iron ring (prison) of that section ).
Someone on their team has to sneak up and tag their hands, and then they are free to walk back to their department.The first team that lost all the pins lost, and the team that had the most pins at this point won.2.The Gauntlet.5-10 foam balls, 15-20 items, the sideline has balls, the runner tries to run the challenge to the other end, each item is worth 1 point and bring them back to the other end (one at a time ).
If hit they are out, count the points when everyone is out, then switch the team.3.Matball -Use a pitcher and a ball the same as above.4.Pirate Ball -Divide the gym into four quarters.
There is a team for each section.
Each team has a hoop in the back corner and a cushion in their area.Each player has the pink color of their team.There are 4 balls of different colors in each basket.
The purpose of the game is to steal all your own colored balls.Whenever you are on someone else's territory, you can be labeled.If labeled, you go to their mat (prison ).
In order to get out of prison, the people on your own team have to come and tag you and then you can walk back freely.5.Barrel Ball-It's a great game for filling between units or playing as a unit.It is played by placing a trash can under each basket at the end of the gym (a large black trash can you can buy at any hardware store or department store.
Around the barrel, you make a diamond so that each side is about 2 feet from the line of the barrel to the center.The game is played with volleyball or that kind of ball.Create two teams.The team moves the ball like a basketball.
No dribble.
You have to pass or shoot once you have the ball in control.When you have the ball before it is called a trip, you are allowed to take two steps.There are two ways that no one is allowed to score (not offensive, nor defensive) in the diamond around the barrel.
Players can get one point by shooting the ball into the bucket, or two points by shooting the basketball circle, and the ball will fall into the bucket.Once the ball is shot into the basket, the defender has to let the ball fall to see if it gets into the bucket.If so, it's 2 points, if not free ball.Out of the world is used like basketball.Other teams will get possession if they foul or get fined.
Never lack enthusiasm when they come to the gym.But they still have the most popular because this is the group I have been together for most of the last 23 years, please adopt when I give you my advice, you will not be disappointed.1.6 Ball Soccer -Using two balls, two teams and six balls, any player can kick any ball and the game goes on when they get the points, but they have to go and get another ball to score, instead of when you bring your child back, ask if anyone has scored and how much.
They will give you all kinds of numbers.
Knock the pin down-Two teams, three shots on each side.A couple of balls with the aim of rolling or throwing the ball to knock down other teams.There is a ring around each pin, and each pin allows for a shield, but the pin guard must stand outside the ring.
The guard may also start throwing the ball when the pin is knocked down.3.Dogcatcher -4 mats, a group of children on three mats.Give the name of the group of dogs, such as daramans, Bulldog and bigg dog.
There is a dog in the middle.
When the dog catcher calls your team, run to the empty mat.If caught, help the dog catcher.Occasionally, older children also like to play these games.You will never be a little unhappy.When kids play these games, the speed at which they become kids again is amazing.
Okay, you go.
Suitable for primary and junior high school students.!This is a huge source of income for PE teachers --.Basketball rules apply, with a few exceptions.
The border is the same as basketball.
You can only do three things when you have football.You can go through it, you can take three steps while holding it, or you can shoot it.If the ball is knocked out and hit the floor, anyone can go and get it.
Score when football goes through the basket.This is an interesting high school sports activity.For high school physical education, this is an interesting turning point in the regular basketball game.
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