Human Greed and Selfishness Will Destroy Humanity. The failings of Government control. - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-03
Human Greed and Selfishness Will Destroy Humanity. The failings of Government control.  -  meltdown
Self-service: When hoarding, only consider yourself and sacrifice to hurt others..If human beings can eliminate these three major problems in our society to some extent, then all the troubles in this world will disappear.The whole human race has not learned anything valuable from the past.
Because there are only a few greedy people who lack insight and a constant desire for short-term self-satisfaction, there is bound to be a difference.Greed and desire for wealth and power are the only incentives for the few to use and exploit other humans and the planet we call home, what we depend on for survival and protection.The rape of our planet by a few people is not only blindly tolerated, but also encouraged by the majority because I cannot understand what is right and what is wrong.
Those who ignore, condone or deny that the problem is real are as guilty as those who committed it.History is our best teacher. However, we turn a blind eye to the destruction of education in all aspects of spiritual growth potential, but even worse, we deny scientific guidance.We sold our souls in exchange for the promise of some useless shiny trinkets that may have been passed on to us for a few misleading motives, who went above and beyond their needs, destroying the security, peace, security and harmony of our planet, deliberately causing harm and destruction to anyone who dares to obstruct such exploitation.
An unforeseeable force of evil drives humanity towards inevitable destruction.But this evil is not a separate external force, even though it is invisible in itself, and we think we are too weak to fight against it.So we put our heads in the sand and pretend that it's not real, or naively think that we can "pray" it off.
Only a small number of people who are allowed this freedom to transcend their needs exercise this freedom, in the process, all the rest of us are in danger of their actions bringing about the complete destruction of real possibilities.The abundant "natural" resources on Earth, if they are protected, nourished and used for the benefit of all of us, will last for millions of years, not the select few who exploit them for personal gain, and the almighty dollar.Oil, coal, natural gas or anything else that can be "used up" forever, and/or used for self-indulgence, destruction means and motives of a few people, for personal benefit onlyWe stand by and watch what we are doing today.
Approved by a government owned by a small number of people who use theseRenewable resourcesThis is a real shame for the government, the exploiters, and each of us, who silently stand aside and allow the situation to continue.Why have humans become so complacent and so afraid of change?We have been afraid of anything unknown, unfamiliar, that deviates from the "norms" we are used to living.We have given our destiny and future to some who have shamelessly exploited for their own selfish interests, at the expense of the rest of us, they are clearly considered a one-off barrier to greedy needs.
We have clean, sustainable, renewable and safe energy sources that are basically free gifts from the creator.However, as a whole, we ignore these gifts for the benefit of individuals, short-term goals and short-sighted eyes of a few?This is exactly why I escaped.War, crime, greed, ignorance, fear.What a legacy.These things are a threat to all of us, and some people who get money out of them have made the most of them.
These things are all in the past, and frankly this is exactly where they should stay.They are restrictive, destructive and self-defeating to our survival.I personally do not believe that when the blueprint of life on the planet of action in our vast universe is conceived, it is the intention of our creator.
Self-destruction, however, seems to be the only goal and true destiny of the human being itself, the human being itself.This stupidity is certainly not caused by conscious design.Taking advantage of wind, water, solar and electricity is cheap (free of charge), clean and never run out and run out of excessive use.
....However, we still choose oil, gas, coal, destruction of land, pollution of air and water, for the end of the planet itself and humanity, as well as all other lives on the planet, it is clearly inevitable that the ultimate goal is simply to meet the side effects of our basic needs based solely on human greed rather than demand.In any case, the answer to our predicament is evident from the damage caused by Japan's recent nuclear meltdown.However, with the continued pursuit of more oil drilling, coal mining, the updated and extremely dangerous concept of "separating our planet to mine natural gas;We are actively seeking more nuclear power plants around the world and in this country.
Shameless is unyielding, obviously not a deterrent to the selfish exploiters on our planet.Trillions of years to evolve this habitable planet that maintains such a beautiful and diverse life.The planet has the capacity to last another hundred million years.
;Short-sighted, selfish, self-indulgence, exploitation and destruction of everything around him, without regard to these natural resources or human life itself.We adhere to the brutal and eclectic religious beliefs that are self-defeating, self-limiting, moral bankruptcy and self-destruction.We, like some kind of treasure, carry negative emotions generation after generation, hoping to appease a God of unforgiving, unseen fear, guilt, hatred (all self-imposed beliefs) continue to use these negative emotions to control and develop the people around us, as well as our planetary environment, for selfish reasons onlyAfter all, we are not a very "worthy" mortal race, are we?Contrary to all these seemingly "random" plans, this is an intentional one.
When we talk about God and only serve ourselves, it is in itself a complete contradiction (contradiction), totally destructive.The greatest sin against nature and humanity itself is the self-imposed concept of right and wrong, good and bad, and the complete lack of humanity in the unremitting pursuit of selfishness, in all aspects of this concept...evil...Evil is in ourselves, in our selfish pursuits, in the damage we do to each other in the name of a creator who may or may not exist, even caring about the survival of the world has become such an hateful thing.
The only evil on this planet exists in the depths of man's own heart, deep in the subconscious.This evil is growing by leaps and bounds, and there does not seem to be enough personal power on earth to stop it.At this point, people tend to believe that the only solution is complete self-destruction, which is exactly where this civilization wants to take us.
There is hope.
This may be the only thing that human beings can improve themselves.This "hope" can only be achieved by collectively advocating the overthrow of those who oppress us and ruling with malice and greed.But this must be a complete collective proposition for all the people on Earth.
T has started in the Middle East and will only be implemented in the Western world if the situation becomes as bad as it is in the Middle East.The current government trend is to protect American businesses and calm down social unrest, which will be a catalyst.If you don't do anything.....Please take the time to see the video I have attached.
It is called "Lucky unrest ".
When you see this video, look inside yourself and ask yourself --Do I want to be a part of the future or a part of the past?Those who choose to be part of the past will be left behind, just like the dictators in the Middle East.These are exciting moments, and I am very grateful to you for being here to witness this transformation into the Age of Enlightenment.Maybe, just maybe, after all, there is hope for mankind.
If there was ever a time when divine intervention was human stupidity, it is now.d
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