human bouncy ball soccer Treat-Filled Wrapped Carrots for Easter

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-30
These colorful crepes paper carrots are not only the perfect decoration for the Easter table, but also a secret!Each one is wrapped in baby and gift bags for the children to be untied on Easter morning.Make a dozen for the Easter Bunny, make them a gift for the party, or help the kids do it for their friends.All you need is a little bit of heart and wrinkled paper.
You need about five to eight small treasures such as candy, friendship bracelets, pinball, jewelry, stickers and pencils, crepes paper tape (orange, red or yellow ), there is also a pair of green scissors and a hot glue gun.If the child is making carrots, replace the hot glue with white glue or clear tape.Start with a pencil.This will be the basis for your carrots.Wrap the tip with wrinkled paper and continue to extend upwards along the length of the carrot.
Once you get the package back to the top, add a larger food, such as a set of chocolate eggs or a bouncy ball, and wrap it in a few rounds of wrinkled paper to ensure safety.Continue to put down the pencil and add snacks while walking.Save larger items for the top of the carrot, and keep smaller items such as stickers for tips.
After completion, trim the wrinkled paper and glue the end down.Don't worry if the shape of the carrot is rustic-The last layer will be added later to eliminate any defects.To make a tip, make the green crepe paper six or seven layers thick, about 3 inch long.
Keep one end intact and trim the paper into a leaf shape.Twist the complete end and hot glue to the top of the carrot.Complete the carrot by wrapping one or two layers of crumpled paper over the entire length of the carrot.
Glue end down.
Adults can make the last floor for young children.Just tear off the crumpled paper under the sticky end and slowly unwrap it.When your little one opens the carrots for spring, they will love to find all the hidden treasures.
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