human bouncy ball soccer The 1970s Era is Still a Memorable Time

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-09
human bouncy ball soccer The 1970s Era is Still a Memorable Time
There are many things to remember about 1970.You don't have to be born in your 70 s to know what was famous at the time.Today, just by watching a TV program based on a 1970-second time frame, you can arouse people's memory of it.
Some people may remember their parents or themselves in the photo album, wearing 1970 of the fashion.At that time, a lot of people were wearing: Fashionable flat shoes, Afros or mullets shoes, floral patterns on clothes, butter collar shirts, painter pants, tight bells --Bottom pants, sling top, mini skirt, one-Swimwear, hot pants (tight shorts) and many other fashion trends.One of the top fashion supermodels in their 70 s is Janice Dickinson.
The Fashion Manifesto of the time has become a famous party theme today.1970 costume party todayAlmost all the people in their 70 s were very friendly and free, and by holding parties and protesting the rights of the "people", it brought white and black people together."At the age of 70, black and white people wore the same fashion.
In that era, people thought about music:"Soul Train" and "American Band Station ".And the music in the movie;"Super Fly" and "fever on Saturday night ".In many movies in their 70 s, the center of disco music is sparkling disco balls.
I will make a list of singers in their 70 s who are: barry Manello, Zeppelin, Kiss, Aerosmith, Jimmy Hendricks, Jackson v, Billy Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Diana Xia, Bee Gee, Gloria Gino, blonde beauty parliament --Funkadelic, James Brown, Lionel Ritchie, Donnie and Mary Osmond, Ohio Players, Roger and zap, Kurdish and gang, Earth, Wind and Fire, brigadier-General Barbara streisen, Diana Warwick, Rod Stewart, and Tammy Winnett.Olivia NewtonJohn, Kenny Rogers, Dolly, Willie Nelson, Crystal Gayle Elton John, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Marley, AC/DC, and many other 1970 singers and actors.This kind of music is now considered to be "old songs but good things" or "classic" in their 70 s ".
The car we had today in 2012 was computerized and as cute as the new "Chrysler PT Cruiser.The car in 1970s was stronger and had a real hard metal bumper that was not bent in a minor accident.I like 70 cars with "Let the rear roof" and my dad has one with my uncle;It was cool.
Some classic cars in their 70 s are Buick-LeSabre, Buick-Regal, 1977 Ford Pinto, 1975 Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang Cobra II, Chrysler Cordoba, Chevrolet, Toyota corolas, 73 Dodge pickup, Chevy Viga, and othersToday, most cars in their 70 s are still on the road and they run very well.Due to the smaller tank, they hold more gas than these new large SUVs today.As the 70-year-old we all remember to play;Toys and games such as crayons, Barbie, track, checkers, etc.
But the toy I remember the most is the "hobby Hop", a huge bouncy ball that you sit on, grab the handle and jump on it.If you're from a 70-year-old like me, then maybe you remember the elastic ball toy as well.There are so many toys and games from the age of 70, here are a few: Rubik's Cube, Matchbox cars, skateboards released in 1975, and of course roller skates, Rock Sock robots, etching-a-Sketch, slinky, viewfinder, Scrabble, operation, clues, Lego, monopoly, racing, sitting and spinning, calculator (introduced), cassette radio (from 8-Track tape player), etc.
A TV series called "the 70 show" is a comedy that aired on 1998 --2006 of the characters featuring Ashton Kutcher are based on its title.The show features 1970 of fashion, cars, music, conversation and atmosphere.The cat Felix, the Big Mouse, The Fat Albert, the Angel of Charles (and of course many others ).
It's also interesting to watch movies, because some movies will have 70 music as the soundtrack.There are many other 1970 movies.All the memories of the 1970 s are still thinking today;70 classic songs for party themes, costumes, cars and 70.Many people grew up when they were children in their 1970 s and still remember many unforgettable things in their 70 s.
Some of the things you remember in your 70 s are: beading curtains, lava lights, bean bags chairs and roller skates.It is interesting to write this article;I hope my readers like it too.Thank you for reading and leaving your review.
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