human bouncy ball soccer History Of The Space Hopper

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-28
human bouncy ball soccer History Of The Space Hopper
The first elastic ball is called PON-PON, an Italian brain child named Aquilino Cosani, is from northeast Italy.He works at Ledragomma in northern Italy.The PON-PON obtained Aquilino Cosani's patent in Italy in 1968 and introduced it to the British islands in 1969 through advertising at Cambridge News Group.Cosani got a patent for PON1971 PON in the United States.
There is already a toy in the United States that people used to jump and jump. this toy was launched by Sun Company and is known as hobby Hop.All toys of this type are called Hippity Hop or Hoppity Hop, which is because the first toy produced and sold by Sun is very popular.
In the UK, the Space Hopper (the name in the UK) is made by Mettoy.Another company produced different versions of bodyguard toys, but the company's handle was smooth for the rider, while the original company chose the rib handle for better grip.The name of another company is Wembley.First of all, the Hopper/Space Hopper consists of a ring handle at the top of the Hopper, which the rider stabilises by grasping it, and they are made of rubber.
These raised elastic balls are available in several colors, blue or red.During the 1970 s, their Hopper was made into a themed version by The Sun, which had a hard plastic head glued to the hopper and shaped like some well-known characters.The most popular characters are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
In their 60 s and 70 s, the most popular bounce ball to get rid of, in their 1990 s and beyond, due to the culture of the time, the ball that has renewed interest in the UK is considered part of the scene.In the United States, as competition from foreign hopper toy developers intensified, the popularity of Hoppity Hop declined, and eventually the US version of the ridable bounce ball stopped production.Starting with the US version of the toy, known as the hobby Hop, it is aimed at adults and children, but due to the limited size of the biggest version, it can really be used by adults-sized people, unless an adult is like a tall child.
In Europe in the 1990 s, an out-of-the-box bouncing ball was named the Hop, made by Italian company Ledragomma.These were created by famous fitness balls when called Gym fitness balls.The maximum size of these elastic balls is 26 inch.
Modern Hopper-The size of the adult has recently become more accessible and can be found in sizes of 120 cm, 100 cm and 80 cm.They are usually stronger than the original balls and have a greater skin density, usually made of vinyl instead of rubber
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