huge soccer ball Tips For Preparing For Your Piano Exam

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-31
huge soccer ball Tips For Preparing For Your Piano Exam
Whether you are a new piano player or a complete oneExamination can be a difficult task for time majors.Each exam has its own challenges.However, if you are properly prepared for the exam, this may mean the difference between passing and failing.Let's pretend, for example, that we are taking the sixth grade piano test.
Let the record indicate that I have taken the sixth grade exam.Even though I admit I'm not doing well.This is due to a serious lack of preparation before the exam.I did not devote my time and energy to the preparation of this music exam.
I can assure you from first hand experience that in order to effectively prepare for the sixth grade piano exam, you will need to practice more than 15 minutes three to four times a week!At this time, you should do about an hour of practice a day, a Friday day.In the work you choose, you can at least press all the correct notes.Now it's time to move from a series of notes to a piano masterpiece.
Focus on things like expression, dynamics, and rhythm.Add some feelings and emotions to your work.You should also do a lot of research on your theory and scale.
At this point in time, scales and theories are often ignored and are revised about two weeks before the exam.It was a terrible mistake!Remember, the more you learn now, the more you will be able to retain this information, so that there is a better chance to recall the required knowledge in the exam.It's time to improve a little bit.You should spend one and a half to two hours practicing every day, one and a Saturday days.
This is the time to eliminate all the minor flaws in your music work.Practice things like making that tricky triple link sound smooth and make sure you hit the F tip with the fourth finger instead of the fifth.These questions may seem small, but they can be of great help to your exam.
Practice without the score and see how well you go.At the time of your exam, if you rely too much on your score, I can guarantee that you will make progress.Learn your music with your heart.Also, make sure your exam is your top priority.
Don't be distracted by other problems in your life.Don't be distracted by relationships, finances, or other issues that may divert your attention.You will become nervous and tired and you will not reach your potential.
Now is the time to practice, practice!So far, I recommend working two to three hours a day.You should have all the knowledge you need for the exam.This is just a question of revising it for your exam.
We must stay relaxed when we work hard and study.The angle of it;This is just an exam.There is no need to worry about it 24/7.Most people practice 5-the night before the exam-Six hours, learn some time of impiety in the morning.This is a big taboo.no!Play your work only once at most.What I like to do is pretend that I am really taking the exam.
So I'll make my balance first, then sort out my stuff, and then do some visual reading.Don't try to make any last minute changes for your exam.It is likely that you will only put unnecessary pressure on yourself, and more importantly, you only have very few opportunities to remember it during the exam.
Don't be distracted by other things in life.Your piano test tomorrow.The rest can wait another day.Relax!It's important that you have a good sleep.If you can afford luxury, I suggest you sleep 8 to 10 hours.
Don't do any work whether it's related to the piano or not.Do interesting things that don't require much mental power.Watch a movie.Play football.Do anything that suits you.Try a healthy breakfast.However, it is very painful for me if you have butterflies in your belly and don't try to force anything down.
It will only come back directly!(Trust me!Let me say it again. relax!Try not to think about your exam.Don't try to think about your theory, balance, debris, fingering, etc.etc.Don't think about what you have and don't do for your exam.
This will only leave you exhausted, which will seriously hinder your exam.So far, you should be at the place of the exam.Do some ultra-light revision.Browse your score and imagine yourself playing it while reading your notes.
Play some "air"piano.
Test yourself with a few theoretical questions.Don't talk to others about exams under any circumstances.Don't ask each other theoretical questions.
Don't discuss your work.
Don't talk about previous exams or examiners.This is nothing more than an unwanted hindrance.Take a few deep breaths, relax and focus on the exam.
Collect the book.
Take a deep breath three times and concentrate.Think about it, it's like other piano exercises.Take the exam with positive ideas.Whether you are ready for the exam as I discussed above or not, it doesn't matter now.
All you can do now is concentrate on completing the upcoming exam tasks.Two things will happen to you now.First of all, you think you did a good job.Great!Ride in this wave of excitement until the end of the exam.
But you can't slack off!You have a few more things to do, a few balances, or some theory to do.You must concentrate before the exam is over.Many things may happen from now until then.
The second thing that could happen to you in your piano exam is that you think you are not performing well.Forget it!It doesn't matter what happened.In order to impress the examiner, you still have the rest of the exam time.
From now until the end of the exam, many things can be changed.Another point to think about is that just because you think you're not doing well doesn't mean the examiner knows you're not doing well.He/she will not pick up every mistake you make.
Forget what happened, clear your mind and start with your next task.Think about what will happen, not what just happened.Congrats!You have finished the exam!You can breathe a sigh of relief now!It's finally over!Analyze your exam carefully.
How are you doing?You're not doing well?What can you do to improve?Take notes so you can use them as a reference for future exams.Be careful not to be too confident in your exam.You may be disappointed when you see your results.
Instead, Don't be too negative about your exam and think you're not doing well.You often get a surprise!After waiting for a result of one to two weeks to come back, you will naturally be excited, or at least be curious to see your result.Are you doing well and/or better than you expected?Are you doing worse than you think?Anyway, read the examiner's comments at least three times.
See what they like about your piano exam and what they don't like.No matter how good you are, you can always make progress!The exam next year is definitely harder than this year.Receive comments from assessors on board, but also accept your own ideas.
Are your preparations before the exam as good as possible?If you don't do well, you usually know why.Think about why you are not doing well and making progress!Learn from mistakes.Don't be upset!This not the end of the world.
There will always be next year.
I hope this article will help with your exam preparation.This is what I personally do when preparing for the piano exam.Obviously, if you have your own daily work, be sure to stick to it.
However, if you get a suggestion from this article and apply it successfully, I would consider the article to be successful.Good luck with the exam, and most importantly, remember that you can only do your best
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