huge soccer ball LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-09
huge soccer ball LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
It is not surprising that the big four banks did not cut interest rates through the full reserve bank again.Let's call it how we see it.greed.These banks make huge profits every year, but they decide to pay a percentage of the rate cut for themselves, which will eventually lead to higher profits.One can only hope that people leaving the bank to go to other loan options will burn a hole in their pockets.
I say power to the people.
Overseas, oil prices have fallen below $40 a barrel, and the cost of Australian gasoline imports from Singapore is high.When I heard that shipping costs are so cheap, Australian time companies shop around, which may make it cheaper for us to buy fuel from Europe or anywhere, not far from us, but we can't get it from Asia.It's time to break the monopoly of Coles and Woolworth on the fuel industry.
All I know is that with so many fuel companies running gas stations, our competition is over.Let's take a break from the plight of politics, terrorists, floods, Middle East crises, refugees, and turn our attention to the inaccuracy of fight for purpose (AFL.Here is the first part of the three series to help understand what is needed in the course of playing football.
The study shows some interesting results:xa0Trying to play football "harder" usually slows down the ball.Take golf as an example, a common idea is to swing 80 points in your top strength, it boils down to "the speed of the golf club", which is the last part of several parts of the body, the arm swings, it's also the leg of football.The 100 force often causes us to strain a lot of muscles throughout the "multi-functional process" of swinging the kick.
Staying a little relaxed while playing can put our feet at the end of a series of events that accelerate.Keep these things tight and you slow down.Try to throw a ball with a completely "stiff arm" and the ball will move forward at half the speed and keeping a loose arm with a tap action will greatly increase the speed.
The same is true of football.
The results of NAPLAN came out, and critics were playing another game.I suggest to consider the following:xa0How appropriate is this testing system?It tests literacy and numeracy, but these are just one element of the school's extensive learning program.The curriculum in Australian schools covers children's development, individuals, society,xa0Body, citizen, our position in the world, and pay attention to the best body, spiritxa0And actual development.
Narrow classes can lead to better Naplan scores, but will it produce a better societyxa0Members?There was a revolution in the way we received and provided information.We are in the electronic age, and the fingertips on the keyboard are more important than the ability of the fingers to bend the pen.Let's take advantage of this in a way that assesses the progress of children and not fall into past demands.
Not every child has the potential to be a Rhodes scholar, but they all have the potential to be a good scholarxa0After adjustment, our multiple contributing citizensCultural Society.Gunsky has this goal.I continue to be incredibly proud of our young people, their ingenuity, theirxa0Challenges and their concerns about being a productive member of our society.So far, we should know that throwing money at them doesn't solve the problem.
Let's applaud all the good things that happen in our school and college
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