huge soccer ball How to Make a Sphere Costume

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-12

Making a sphere large enough to wear clothes is a creative challenge.But you will definitely stand out from the crowd with a unique handElaborate clothing.Once the base is built by papier mache, you can decorate your sphere to make globe, basketball, baseball, football, Christmas decorations, Angry Birds, pumpkin or any other round dress ideas you imagine.Cover a medium sized bowl with plastic wrap to prevent papier mache from sticking to the bowl.Cover your fitness ball with plastic wrap to prevent the paste from sticking to it.* Make sure the holes in the inflated and deflated fitness balls are on top so you can put the balloons once papier mache is dry.Only one layer of paper Maher recipes can be made at a time.Allows the layers between the applications to be completely dry.In a large bowl, mix 1 portion of flour with 3 portions of water until the mixture is creamy.Before applying the next layer, let each layer of paper skin dry completely.Apply a layer of masking tape to the top of the third layer to increase strength and structure.Optional: The last layer, dip the computer paper with a paste mixture and apply it to the ball.Once dry, white paper is easier to draw.After the paint is completely dry, deflate the fitness ball and remove it from the inside of the sphere.Make sure where the arm holes you want are and cut them out with a craft knife.* Find someone to help you lift the dress over the top of your head and then put your arm through the arm hole.By pinning the wide ribbon on any half of the shoulder, fix the two halves together.
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