huge soccer ball How to Make a Ball Costume

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-13

One of the best things about Halloween is to show your artistic abilities.If you want to make a dance costume for your Halloween celebration, you just need time and some supplies from the local retail and crafts supply store.From football to disco ball, use your imagination to create a ball suit that your friends will envy and talk about in the next few months.Blow up the 36-An inch balloon, hang it on the door frame or something strong with a hemp rope.Once you start putting paper on the balloon, it gets heavy.Mix three portions of water and one portion of flour to make a paper paste.Consistency should be cream.Tear off a few newspapers and dip each of them into the mixture of paper.Once you dip the paper in the mixture, apply it to the balloon.Cover the whole balloon with a newspaper note.Apply another layer of mixture to the top of the newspaper strip with a brush and let it dry.Continue to add a layer and dry the paper every time.You need to add at least five layers;However, you can do many layers as you like.Let the balloon dry and harden overnight.Paint the ball in any way using paint.For example, use orange and black paint to make basketball, white and red paint to make baseball, or make football in black and white.Another idea is to paint the ball silver and spray the flash on the ball to create a disco ball.Pop up the balloon with a needle, poke through the paper paste, or allow the balloon to pop up when you start cutting the hole.Use a saw to dig a hole in the top and bottom of the ball for the head and legs.Poke two holes on each side of the hole in your neck.Tighten the straps through these holes to create the straps to keep the ball in place.Dig a hole in each side of the ball for your arm.Wear the corresponding colored clothes under the ball to finish your outfit.If you make football or baseball uniforms for baseball, the idea of clothing includes football uniforms.
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