How to Plan Water Party Games for Toddlers - blow up games for parties

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
How to Plan Water Party Games for Toddlers  -  blow up games for parties
Water party is fun for you and your toddler guests.
They offer countless fun games and are also the perfect way for you to get some relief from the heat in the hot summer. Have a fun tug-of-
War game on sprinkler.
Divide the children into two teams and let them stand at both ends of the rope skipping.
Place the sprinkler in the middle of the rope.
Supervise the children trying to drag each other on the sprinkler.
The lost team was wet, but everyone had a good time.
Turn on some music and let the kids dance under the spray of the Hose sprayer.
Lower the hose, just like you lower the Edge Bar, the loser gets wet with laughter and fun.
Apply a thin layer of sunscreen on each child's hand, then give them a wet beach ball and bounce back and forth on the sprinkler.
This game is not only challenging, but also a great way to develop coordination.
Dissolve 1 cup of granular soap into 1 qt. warm water.
Add some edible pigments in your chosen color.
Depending on the color intensity you want, change the quantity according to your preference.
Blow bubbles around and chase and pop up for your little guests.
Give each of your toddler guests a jar full of foam solutions and a straw for blowing bubbles.
Fill the two barrels with water and separate them for two yards.
Place two empty buckets a few feet away from them at an equal distance.
Each empty bucket should be consistent with one of the water. filled buckets.
Toddlers run between two buckets, so remember their age so they don't get too far apart.
Divide the toddler into two groups and two rows.
Put a bucket of water on the head of each row and let the first toddler in line fill the cup with water.
Let the first two toddlers run or walk to the empty bucket to pour water, then run or walk back and hand the Cup over to the next child in line.
Let each child repeat this action in step 3.
The first team full of empty barrels won.
Keep in mind that distance is important, but you don't want to stop the barrels because they are too far away.
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