How to Live Stress-Free and Happy - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-30
How to Live Stress-Free and Happy  -  see-saw
Your stress relief is right here, right now.Literally, there is absolutely no pressure at this moment.Just stress-.So read the article over and stop just to eat or sleep and you get stressed --free and happy.
I'm just kidding.
But reading is a way to live in the present.The same is true of your favorite activities.That's why you like them so much.They keep you focused at the moment and your stress stops for the time being.
You may not like to hear this, but you are responsible for all your stress.There is no pressure on the environment.There is no pressure on work.No pressure from others.There is no pressure in any situation.What is your stress?Your reaction to the environment, your work, others, situation, etc.Your reaction is the cause of stress.The reason is that you have incorporated the past and/or the future into the present.
You may try to live up to expectations of yourself or others (past.If you do not meet certain expectations (in the future), you may be afraid of the reactions of yourself or others.Take the time to think about what has put the greatest pressure on your life lately.
Now pretend you lost your memory.
Did your pressure drop sharply?If not, you may consider future results.Eliminate the past and the future and you will feel the pressure --free and happy.You don't have to make any effort to live in the present.
You must try to stop living in the past and in the future.Your natural state of existence is stress.Freedom and happiness here and now.It's been there all the time.You may not be aware of this or you may not even believe it will be so simple.
Fear of stress.
Are you worried now?No, it's when you think about the future.Remember that bad things in the past can put pressure on you.Hatred of people or events can cause stress, only when thinking about the past or the future.
Experts suggest you can do anything to relieve stress.You know all the other suggestions because you have tried them already.You always get back to stress anyway, right?It is not happy with the pressure.
The pressure is the opposite.
Like they were on asee.
They always keep their place, completely opposite each other.When one goes up, the other goes down.The more stressed, the less happy you are.When you are very happy, you will not be under pressure.
The real you, under pressureIt's in the present, here and now.It is your see-I saw all the way up.Instead, the pressure is falling all the way.Now that you know how to get under pressureFreedom and happiness, you may find it a challenge to focus on the present.
You may need to train your mind and your whole life is drifting.Do you remember how stressful it was?Were you happy when you were young?At that moment, you always focus on what you were doing at the time.Pay close attention to your attention.Whenever you find yourself thinking about the past, or anticipating or fearing the future, say: "Think about the past, or" think about the future "and bring your attention back to the current moment.
After a while you will find yourself drifting and making changes quickly.The trick is that you have to put all your thoughts down.You can't control spontaneous thoughts about the past or the future, but you can control how you react to them.
Let go of all the ideas and stay here now and you will be stressed --free and happy.This is a beautiful thing
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