How to Grow Sago Palms from Pups - inflatable palm tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-09
How to Grow Sago Palms from Pups  -  inflatable palm tree
The West Palm is usually grown from its cubs, which are grown from the base of the plant.
This article provides information about the West rice Palm Cubs.
The West rice Palm is not a real palm tree, but a cypress tree with a thick trunk and a compound leaf crown.
The West Palm is a native Japanese ornamental plant.
These plants have olives.
Green feather-shaped leaves, arranged on the top of a large tree, are lotus-shaped.
Sago palm is very slow.
Growing, this plant takes about 50 to 100 to reach the maximum height of about 7 m.
Seeds and Cubs are used for the reproduction of the West Palm.
As mentioned earlier, the seed or substrate shift known as the cub is used to grow the new West Palm.
Spreading through seeds can be a long thing.
You have to wait until the plants grow cones that must be fertilized on time to produce seeds.
Seeds must mature before they are collected.
It is said that if these seeds are refrigerated for 60 days, the chance of germination at a temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit will increase.
For this purpose, the outer cover of the seed can also be removed.
In order to promote the chance of germination, it is even recommended to treat seeds with aliasing.
Seeds must be planted in the well. drained soil.
It may take three to nine months for the seeds to germinate.
It is more convenient to grow West rice Palm Cubs and is considered an easy way to breed this plant.
The Cubs are usually found on the bottom or side of the trunk.
They must be removed from the mother plant in the right way at the right time (early spring or late autumn.
Let's take a look at all aspects of growing young rice plants.
The cub must be removed from the mother plant with a sharp knife or a small saw.
While removing the puppy, make sure you do not cause any damage to the parent plant.
If you do any damage to the torso, apply some fungicides to the wound, or cover the wound with wax.
If the puppies have roots or leaves, you must also remove them.
Once removed from the mother plant, the Cubs will be stored in dark and dry areas for at least one week for hardening.
At the same time, the soil was prepared by mixing the same amount of Pearl Rock with peat moss or peat moss with coarse river sand.
When planting sago Cubs, be sure to use flower pots suitable for the size of the Cubs.
If it's two
You need four puppies.
A four-inch pot
Inch puppy, with sixinch pot.
To grow the West rice Palm Cubs, fill the flowerpots with soil and water them thoroughly.
After completion, place each puppy on their respective flowerpots and gently push into the soil so that half of the puppies can enter the soil.
You have to make sure that only half of the puppies are in the soil.
If more than that is the case, the puppy may rot;
If it is less, the root may not develop properly.
It is best to put the flowerpot in the shade, close to the bright place.
It takes several months for the Cubs to develop leaves and roots.
Until then, the soil should be watered when it dries.
As soon as they take root, there will be more water.
Low-dose fertilizers can also be used during this period.
When the cubs grow a second set of leaves, transplant them into a slightly larger pot.
It is better to transplant young West rice plants in early spring. if they are older plants, early spring or late autumn will be suitable.
It is better to have a thorough understanding of sago palm care in order to plant these plants correctly.
Simply put, growing cubs is the best way to grow the West rice palms.
However, it is found that most of the plants, especially the seeds, are toxic to both humans and animals.
So, you have to wear gloves when dealing with plants, seeds and Cubs.
If you accidentally ingest the palm of the West Rice, please seek medical treatment immediately.
Otherwise, this intake can cause permanent internal damage or even death.
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