How to Draw a Basketball Using Photoshop - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-01
How to Draw a Basketball Using Photoshop  -  marquee
To draw a basketball in Photoshop, you must first learn how to draw a sphere and fill it with a pattern.Once you learn how to make spherical objects, you can draw a basketball or football if you want.Create a document of square size.Select the oval box tool.Hold down the Shift key and draw a perfect circle.
Click the Create New fill or adjust layer icon at the bottom of the layer palette.Fill in solid color.Go to the layer style by clicking the icon at the bottom of the layer palette or double-clicking the layer.Select gradient overlay and check back.Select radial gradient style and click gradient bar ".
A dialog box will appear.
To select the gradient color, click the pointer at the bottom of the bar.The color box will be activated.Click on the box to select the gradient color.In the main dialog box, click the internal shadows tab.
In the inner shadow dialog box, change the angle to about 60 degrees and the size to about 40 pixels.Hit OK.You can also check for shadows, interior glow and exterior glow and play with different settings.If you want to write text on a sphere, select the text tool and type the text, then go to filter, distort, globalize ".
Or fill with a gradient.
How to design the globe in photoshop after drawing the sphere and adding a gradient overlay, you can draw the vertical and horizontal lines inside the sphere.These lines will give the impression of the vertical and latitude of the Earth.To insert these rows, you must first create a row pattern.
You also need a picture of the world map.
To make a pattern, create a new document with transparent background.Make sure the documentation is small.Select the pencil tool, draw a vertical line on one edge of the document, and then draw the horizontal line at the bottom of the document from the angle of the vertical line.Go to edit define mode and click OK.Return to the sphere document now.Go to the sphere layer.Press and hold the Ctrl key and left click and select the area.
Create a new layer.
Go to edit fill or just click Shift f5.
Select Patten and select the schema you created.Make sure you don't check and keep it transparent.Hit OK.Double click on the pattern layer.A dialog box will appear with Bevel and Emboss selected.
Open a photo of the world map.
Click Ctrl A to select and Ctrl C to copy.Paste this photo (Ctrl V) into the sphere document.Go to the filter to distort the ball.Set the amount to 100.Go to the mix option and select the screen as the mix mode.
If the map is out of range, Please resize the map.Click Ctrl T to resize the map and press Enter.Merge the layers and save the vector image.
How to use photoshop to draw basketball to create a new document of square size.Click the Create New fill or adjust layer icon.Select Pattern.Select the pattern of a group of points.In most cases, there is this pattern in your program.
Set the scale around 50% and click OK.
Press and hold the Crtl and click the left mouse button to select the circle.Click the Create New fill or adjust layer icon.Select a solid color.Reduce the opacity of the color fill layer by about 50%.
Create a new document with a transparent background of about 70 by 74 pixels.Choose black and draw a thick vertical line with pencil tools.Go to edit define mode and click OK.Back to the basketball papers.Click the Create New fill or adjust layer icon and select pattern ".
Fill with the pattern just created.
Set the scale around 300%.
Go to layer style and click internal shadows to set the angle to around 60 degrees.Check the Bevel and relief.Merge layers.Go to the filter to distort the ball.By using the adjust curve (Ctrl M) hue/saturation (Ctrl U) as well as brightness and contrast, you can give the basketball the feeling of finishing your eyes
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