How Poor Communication Crashes Airplanes - where to rent a mechanical bull

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-14
How Poor Communication Crashes Airplanes  -  where to rent a mechanical bull
I recently read Malcolm Gladwell's "outliers".
In his book, Gladwell tells us how poor communication caused the plane to crash.
In other words, it is not the weather and mechanical difficulties that cause the crash, but the team that communicates uneasily and goes astray.
When pilots can't communicate with the first officer, the plane crashes when they are not like a team. Imagine that!
This reminds me of all the disasters that we suffered due to communication errors.
Think about the number of times we hurt other people's feelings by not listening or sending wrong messages.
Think about the number of times workplace projects fail because of poor team communication.
Think about the number of sporting events lost because they can't behave like a team or because their coaches forget the basis of communication.
As human beings, we connect with each other through our exchanges.
Language and non-language.
In the cockpit, that information.
When misunderstood
Causing disaster.
Sometimes, poor communication outside the cockpit can also be fatal.
For example, imagine a doctor in the operating room.
When the surgeon asks for the device, he must do so in the right way and must explain this information correctly.
Doctors who monitor patients with heart disease must communicate in clear and clear terms.
When I teach workshops related to communication and team, I often hear people say that I don't care what the other person thinks.
We give up when we are angry or annoyed with each other.
Communication requires practice and patience.
It needs more energy than most of us give it.
Gladwell gave a few examples where the first officer knew the pilot had made a fatal mistake, but he did not convey the message.
Instead of saying, "This is an emergency. We must abort.
The first officer said, "I think we may need to change the course.
Pay attention to the difference.
Often, small changes in the way we communicate verbally and non-verbally change meaning completely.
Here are some tips to help you communicate your message confidently: when you realize that another person is not listening to you, choose the words that resonate with that person.
Change the way you communicate to attract the attention of each other.
Pay attention to the other side of the non-verbal information.
"I think, maybe, I believe, maybe," these fill in the Blanks indicate a lack of confidence.
Share your message when you hear a lack of confidence.
Don't doubt yourself.
If you have something to say, say it.
You may be wrong, but it's better to take it out and let others think about the option instead of never saying it.
Say what you need to say with confidence but no aggression.
Don't take it to heart when someone refuses your idea.
If you share your suggestions or ideas and are dealt with openly, you have done your part.
If someone uses their knowledge to refute your thoughts, listen.
Even if that person is not your superior, don't rebel because the idea is someone else's.
Don't let "ranking" affect your listening.
Use good listening skills to force yourself to hear what the other person is saying.
Explain what they say or investigate with good open questions.
Do not simply process the information in your mind.
Communication is related to each other.
To succeed through communication, we must realize that we need each other. e.
I need you. you need me too.
We can't communicate alone.
Gladwell points out in his book that successful people must practice 10,000 hours to succeed no matter what they do.
He also pointed out that it is not only practice that makes a person successful.
This is the right thing to do.
I guess most of us have been communicating for over 10,000 hours.
I also noticed that most of us did not practice good communication for 10,000 hours.
This is the challenge we face.
Those of us who lead others must take communication seriously.
We may not be flying or doing surgery, but we are trying to get through our days.
Good and effective communication requires practice and a lot of practice.
I pray that the pilot and first officer of my next flight will record good communication for over 10,000 hours!
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