Homemade Palm Tree Fertilizer - inflatable palm tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-14
Homemade Palm Tree Fertilizer  -  inflatable palm tree
The green-
Thumbs are always looking for fertilizer alternatives, especially when dealing with outdoor gardens.
Palm or palm is one of the most popular garden plants.
It doesn't need much attention, but it definitely needs a good homemade fertilizer to thrive elsewherethan-Local environment.
The palm tree belongs to a single flowering plant and belongs to the Arecales.
The 2600 plants are mostly tropical and warm temperate.
Their large compound leaves make them stand out in the surrounding landscape.
Today, from the desert to the rainforest, these diverse plants are introduced into almost all types of habitats.
Palm trees enjoy the highest diversity in the wet low.
However, they also survive in areas with poor drainage, coastal freshwater swamps, mountain habitats, grasslands, bushes
Land with acidic snake grain surface soil.
Palm trees are widely planted all over the world.
Their exotic look makes them the first choice for landscaping.
In ancient times, the tree symbolizes birth, victory and peace.
In the modern world, they are more connected with tropical plants and great holidays!
Palm tree care is a constant concern for green thumbs around the world.
Ideally, the Palm needs to be fertilized at least three times a year.
There are some ready-made
Chemical products are available in specialized stores.
Most of them come with instructions on how to optimize the slow speed.
Micro release-
Soluble and organic elements.
However, like all plants, the palm is also adversely affected by excessive growth
Rapid release of preparations by fertilization and chemistry.
Homemade palm tree fertilizers are easy to make and store, and most importantly, they are gentle to plants.
Palm trees need special roots
Foods rich in magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium, nitrogen and copper.
Not long ago, the perfect fusion of the saplings you take care of can now be easily mixed and saved at home!
Investing in natural plant nutrients is easy to find in any exclusive "garden" store.
The product can be feather powder, cotton meal, bat bird dung, soybean meal, or any other natural derivative rich in nitrogen, manganese, phosphorus and potassium.
Add an equal mixture of kitchen garbage, especially the stems and peels of spinach, beets, kelp, whole wheat and leafy vegetables. Also add iron-
Rich food such as orange peel and/or dry orange. Take ready-
Make "indoor plants" food and make food with "wet-
Vegetables, kitchen garbage, 1 tablespoon Epsom salt and a liter of water.
Roots and tight soil should feed the mixture at least once a month.
Epsom salt is rich in important plant nutrients-
Magnesium and sulfuric acid.
You can also add eggshells to the mixture to provide potassium and calcium.
Milk is another additive that can make the palm better.
It contains nitrogen.
Make protein.
Homemade palm fertilizer is not only very safe to use and feed plants, but also cheap.
Mix 5 cups of seed powder, 1 cup of white cloud lime, 1 cup of bone powder, 1 cup of seaweed powder and used tea.
This organic fertilizer can be stored throughout the year.
It does not take more than 30 minutes to mix evenly, and if it is completely dry, you can sprinkle it with a black coffee mixture.
Organic gardening techniques include the widespread use of innovative homemade plant care recipes.
By reducing the heavy use of commercial fertilizers, you can not only help improve the environment, but also increase the life of the palm.
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