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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-22
It's hard to avoid being angry.Even those who are relatively easy to get along with will feel angry from time to time.At the most inappropriate time, anger will throw its ugly head behind us and cause all kinds of damage to our lives.You 've been under a lot of pressure lately and your daughter is late to go home after a date.
When she walked into the door, you shot at her and screamed that she was grounded for a month.You open up your latest property tax bill and find a lot of growth.You call the town and say to the receptionist that the government is corrupt and you won't give them any more money you 've earned hard.
In a discussion on social media, it's clear that as a passionate vegan, you don't have the same faith as a "friend" who likes steak on a grill.You get caught up in a heated argument, and as a result you call her a hatter and killer, a powerful word used to belittle and sting her.Anger is a messenger that, according to our beliefs and standards, reminds us that what is happening is wrong.
Maybe we are treated unfairly, or we think someone is in danger.Anger provides us with the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to correct inequality.We can correct violations of our principles, restore justice to discriminatory situations, or change the direction of events to prevent any harm to us or others.
In any case, anger, like other emotions, is not a natural bad or wrong.Each feeling has a purpose to understand what it is and is essential to know how to use it in a positive and constructive way.Good mood is beneficial and will bring positive changes to all relevant personnel.
It finds solutions, lifts, protects, corrects, improves and enriches life.On the other hand, bad anger can make it worse for angry people and those affected by it.It can cause physical, emotional and/or psychological pain, intimidation, instilling fear, destroying relationships, destroying property, sending people to jail, destroying life, and even killing people.
Following a few simple steps can ensure that the anger you experience is always good.BA: Bad anger;Delay expressing yourself before you calm down.So far, we all understand that when we are emotional, we have the risk of saying something offensive or doing something stupid that will only aggravate things.
Give yourself enough time to calm down, calm down, think about what the real issues are, and the best way to discuss them.Your neighbor's child rides a bike on your lawn, though you ask them a few times not.BA: You are very angry and want to go to the next door immediately to scold your parents and tell them that their children are unruly.
if they are good parents, they will teach their children to respect the property of others.You then want to ask them to pay for the damage done to your lawn and if they don't, you threaten them with a lawsuit..What you really care about is the ongoing financial burden and time spent correcting the injuries that children continue to suffer.
The real problem, then, is your time and money.Ability in discussion.In this regard, you hope to maintain a relationship of mutual respect with them.Say why you are angry and why you are angry.
We think it is our right and the best to express our anger verbally.Some people sincerely try to find the right way.However, if you look closely, expressing anger means venting anger verbally or physically;Really angry.
Anger is usually expressed as shouting, swearing, criticizing, satirizing, hitting, throwing things and/or punching.It may also require a more subtle, passive/aggressive disguise, such as the exclusion of someone or the treatment of giving them silence.I can't believe you broke my favorite light!My grandmother gave it to me, which is irreplaceable.
You don't respect my personal property!I know I can't believe you!If I break your stuff, you will be furious!GA: "I'm really sad that my antique lights are broken.It was given to me by my grandmother and could never be replaced.In the second example, you explained your anger, you did not express it, and you did not attack or blame the responsible party.
This hinders the need for another person to defend himself and allows the encounter to remain civil in nature.In this regard, you open the door to finding a solution, not to argue.Evaluation for fairnessAsk yourself, "Am I fair and reasonable in this case?"Take the time to evaluate your situation and you will not make stupid or fatal mistakes in judgment.
It also allows you to assess what is really important.Is it really that serious?Is your anger worth it?Are you blowing things out of proportion?BA: "I'll throw your bike away if you don't eat all the peas!A frustrated mother yelled at her six children.year old.Mom reassessed the situation."Tommy eats well, but he really hates peas.
I can trade him beans.
He won't make such a fuss about eating these.I am happy as long as he eats some vegetables."Everyone is very happy that the problem has been solved.
When taking a little time to re-evaluate our position, we have the opportunity to better understand ourselves, analyze our priorities, and re-evaluate our values.Some posture may need to be adjusted slightly;Others need to be completely discarded.The moment of meditation can be very instructive, so we evolve to a higher consciousness of ourselves and life.
This is a significant benefit at every level.Separate the problem from the individual and separate the problem from the individual.How many people can consciously separate from each other to be angry with a problem rather than the individual?Today is reunion.
It's been a year since I planned it.
it's raining now.
I told you not to be in April, the most brilliant month of the year.But no, you won't listen to me.You are too selfish, too controlling!You ruined the whole day!GA: "I can't believe --reunion.I have a feeling that this will happen.It would be a disaster if we did not act quickly.
We all need to make some calls to see if we can rent some tents or the local VFW lobby.In this case, although the couple apparently had different ideas about when to host such a large gathering, the wife fully understood that, although she did not agree with the date chosen by her husband, she gave in to his way.Responsible for her decision, and anger at her spouse is unfair.
At this time, she was very angry with the situation.Her hopes for a sunny day were dashed by precipitation.She did not blame or attack her husband;Instead of attacking the man, she attacked the problem.
Think about it: next time you're angry, put your favorite thing in your house and hit it on the floor.Re-evaluate your actions when you calm down.Sorry for the damage to something valuable that is not responsible for your feelings.
Now, imagine venting your anger to another person and causing them harm.Like a goal, they take no responsibility for how you feel, but they suffer from the consequences of your anger.There is no reason for your behavior.Do things wellPut 100% of your efforts into the work of making things better.
After accurately identifying the problem behind the anger, focus on finding a solution, fixing the problem of damage or not working, and correcting the fairness of injustice or recovery.By doing so, you create positive changes in a negative environment that benefits all parties.BA: For a long time, there was a member of the job who did not do their part.
You keep making up for them.
"Enough is enough.
From now on, I will do my best, like my colleagues.If they can relax, so can I.GA: "I need to work on this with them and hopefully solve it.If this does not work, I will bring it to the attention of my supervisor.
In any case, I am proud to do my job well and will continue to do so.However, I will no longer do their things for them.In the second answer, you choose to try to correct the misconduct with your anger.
You don't allow your environment to cause you to lower standards, regardless of the outcome.You are determined to surpass yourself at all times and be satisfied with yourself.No one needs to be afraid or deny it if anger comes up.
Anger can be beneficial if you understand why it comes up and what you need to do.~ Delay expressing yourself until you calm down.~ Say why you are angry and why you are angry.
~ Evaluate for fairness.
~ Separate the problem from the individual.Do things well.Now that you have done so, keep doing good things and be angry.Q: "speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will regret.
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