giants football How to Meet New York Giants Football Players

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-08
giants football How to Meet New York Giants Football Players
My family and I started an adventure in August.My three sons played football in the local high school.My little son also plays summer football.Whether it's a game or watching our favorite NFL team, we seem to have a year of football.
Every son of mine has a team he likes.
My youngest son is an avid giant fan, which makes me understand the key to my story.We decided that this year would be the year when we made the trek to see one of our favorite teams play live.Living in southern Ontario and even New York is a pretty long journey for us.
We decided to combine watching the Giants at home with our first trip to New York.The 8-hour drive is well worth waiting for our adventure.See the square of time, roam the central park and visit the Natural History Museum is the second time to watch our first live NFL game and meet my youngest son's favorite New York Giants players of course!.
Using StubHub, I was able to win some decent seats for the preseason at Met Life Stadium on August 24, 2013.Many season ticket holders use this sight to sell seats on dates they will not use.I had 4 seats together and it was a bit difficult.
I will book in advance in the next few years, but this year's job interview requires us to book more at the last minute.Using Hotels.Com, I read through the Manhattan area of New York and the hotel in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where the giant stadium is located.We managed to book a room for one night at the Manhattan Travel Inn.
I highly recommend this hotel to New York.The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the parking lot is free if you drive.10 minutes walk to Manhattan Times Square!But our trip to the city is another story.
I also booked three nights at Sheraton hotel for less than $120 per nightMeadowlands hotel and conference center.Through Hotels.Com my deal also offers an upgrade to the Sheraton Club project, including a continental breakfast and what they call "articles of life.The snacks for this evening are enough for two hungry boys to have dinner as there are hot and cold options!The room in this hotel is large;The bed is large.
Size and very comfortable.
After a day on the streets of New York, the indoor pool is very warm and inviting.The hotel is located across the highway from Met Life Stadium.The stadium was blocked by another building from our window, but we could see the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York skyline!My son was shocked to see the New York Giants!We arrived at this hotel on Friday afternoon, the day before gianta preseason.
We checked into the room and swam in the swimming pool.In the evening, my children went down to the hall.There is a Starbucks with a computer terminal that can access the Internet.
I'm glad we decided not to pay for the WiFi service in our room or our stay could be very different.When the boys logged into their Facebook and Twitter accounts to talk to friends, they noticed a gentleman entering the hotel from the side door next to these computer terminals.My son recognized the man as Tom Cowling, head coach of the New York Giants.
Eli Manning is behind him.
My youngest son almost fell off the chair.Kieran happened to wear one of his giant jerseys and got the back of a, hi son and Mr patCoughlin.Eli Manning also had a brief conversation with him.
When Victor Cruz walks in and sees Kieran wearing his No. 80 jersey, he heads calmly as he goes.The boys were not prepared for it at all.At this point, they think the players did not sign the jerseys they were wearing.They managed to get it together at some point, took some paper and got a signature that night --Henry Hynoski.
Watch our first New York Giant game and sign more!The next day, we took part in the preseason after a day of shopping in the store.While this hotel does offer shuttle service to Met Life stadium, our tickets come with a parking pass so we chose to drive and park at the stadium.It does make us pre-hugeParty at the stadium.
The tailgate party is something my kids can see!It was an explosion for the boys.Although the Giants did not win, Eli Manning did well in the first half, giving Kieran a chance to see his favorite player on the pitch.Game timeouts extend their first NFL game experience!Kieran thought he might see some players again that night, so he bought himself a football ready to sign.
A giant red and blue foam finger accompanied us home that night.Later that evening, when we returned to the hotel, the boys locked themselves in front of the same computer terminal.Fortunately, the player returns to the hotel again and passes through the same side door again.
Kieran and Jarod are ready for them this time.With marks and football, they managed to get some signatures that night, although they didn't see Eli Manning again on this trip.The next night, another player was found in the hall, and in general Kieran received 11 signatures from his beloved giant player.
Staff at the hotel said that for 90% of the time, the Giants were staying at the hotel for home games.If you would like to enjoy the home game of NY giant at the Met Life Stadium and have the possibility to meet with the additional benefits of many of your favorite players, then I would highly recommend that you book Sheraton Meadowlands.Comfortable room, for those so inclined, can shop within 20 min drive, this is a great opportunity to meet a giant player, this is giant's Fan Dream.
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