giant soccer ball game The World's Most Beloved Sport - The History of Soccer

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giant soccer ball game The World\'s Most Beloved Sport - The History of Soccer
For many, this is the oldest football version in existence.However, there is quite a bit of controversy about whether this is the oldest or the Japanese version of the old man.The Chinese version of the game is called "Tsu Chu" and players have to punch a fur ball into a small hole on the court.
Like football, it is not allowed to raise hands during the game and being a member of a team is considered an honor.When the game was developed, the Emperor of the Han Dynasty was an avid player and fan, and during his reign the game was popular throughout China.This goes back about 300 B.C.Despite the controversy over the issue of dating, this could lead to the origin of the game going back to 5000 B.
Anyway, this version of football is very old.Nevertheless, there is still a version of the Tsu Chu today.Although the two games are similar, the Tsu Chu has no effect on the modern version of the game since it was originally developed and created for playing in the UK.
Compared to modern football, the Japanese version of "football" Kemari is probably one of the most different forms of the sport.Kemari is a "keep it" game, much like a modern hack sack, although it is used with a bigger ball full of sawdust.This version involves selecting the designated "course" from four trees-cherry, maple, pine and Willow ".
Many great houses in Japan plant trees to build a permanent site.There are usually two to twelve players in camarry.Built around 1004 B.C.It competes with China's Tsu Chu for the position of the oldest game.
In fact, Chinese Tsu Chu players and Japanese Kemari players are the first to have an "international" game of their version of football, which happened in about 50 years.C., Although the exact date of 611.D.is known.Anyway, the game stands with China as a sister sport for football, and it has never affected the modern version of the game.Although little is known about Egyptian football or other ball games, it is believed that at the age of Baqet III there was a ball game played by young women.
On his grave, the image of the sport is depicted, although no one knows how the sport is carried out or whether it really affects the results of modern football.The recording of this game date dates back to 2500 B.C.Although people don't know much about the fact that it is played with a ball.
The lack of information about the sport and how it is carried out makes it the first evidence of a match similar to football.Perhaps the closest thing to modern football is the game that the Greeks formed at the height of their culture.They have a variety of football styles, some of which require both hands, and some of which prohibit both hands.
In the end, after the Roman conquest of Greece, the foundation of modern football was Harpastum.The game may be a modified version of the Greek word "Harpaston", which is roughly translated into handball.Although the game is badly incorrectly named, it is considered one of the predecessors of modern football.
In the 8 th century of England, football was born not as a sport of entertainment, but as a game of war.A story of the original origins of the sport came from the beheading of a Danish prince whose head was used as a ball and kicked.Since this "legend" story has happened, villages and other communities have played a game where they have to kick the ball to a specific goal.
It's a violent game and it's not uncommon to get hurt and die, but it's still popular.In fact, it was so violent that in 1331 King Edward III passed the law to try to stop the game from going on.However, the campaign has not been successful and continues.
There are even stories of football matches involving hundreds of players.In these games, there are many deaths, some of which have led to hundreds of deaths.It was not until 1815 that Eaton's public school set a series of rules for the sport that it became less violent and more like a real sport.
At this time, other colleges and universities have embarked on the school flag and began to play under similar rules.Later, the rules were evaluated and judged and Cambridge rules were created in 1848.In the Cambridge RulesKicking, dribbling and tripping are prohibited.
Rugby rules allow these aspects, two varieties of football or football to split into their own followers.On October 26, 1863, London schools and sports clubs sent delegates to the Masonic tavern where the Football Association was established.Supporters of rugby left the association and formed the Football Association.
Modern football was born from here.
In 1969, the Football Association finalized the modern football game by banning the use of hands in the game.The term "football" was created when someone asked him if he was a rugby player.The -Er said the person took part in a specific sport.
Charles Redford Brown replied, "football!\ ", Extract phrases from Association, SOC and add-er.The term stuck.Although the British still call football, Americans and other countries call it football, especially if they are strongly supported in American football.Since the establishment of the association, "football" has become more and more popular and one of the most popular love games in Earth history.
Now thousands of people are taking part in the campaign, although it lacks the initial violence at the time of its creation
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