giant soccer ball game Divers and injury fakers are an ugly side of the beautiful world game

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-05
giant soccer ball game Divers and injury fakers are an ugly side of the beautiful world game
With the start of the World Cup, becoming a true fan of round ball games is the best times and the worst times.It's great because you can watch the greatest sporting events in the world and see world-class players do world-class things.But with itxa0Have to watch the world-class players act like world-class players.
..well .
..Actors, like the routine of rolling in the circus, roll on the ground.It is embarrassing that the resilience of football players is not satisfactory compared to other football rules AFL and rugby in part.A pair of comparisons:xa0Portugal's central defender Pepe was slapped on his back by the full power of a wet lettuce leaf, but fell painfully to the ground.
During the AFL match on Thursday night, the tiger and the Swan clashed,xa0Nick frastin in Richmondxa0Elf Swan playerxa0Luke Parker's face.Itxa0It looks like Parker's eye was hit, but he wiped his face and stood up and kicked a ball.Can you imagine an international football player doing the same?They will twist on the ground.
Google "the worst dive in football" and look at some of the plays of the remake.To be honest, it's worth performing an Oscar there.When it comes to twisting the groundDid Brazilian superstar Neymar forget he was a football player?xa0After the slide into the gymnastics floor routine?Yes, it was a delayed scooter on his leg, but he knew it was coming and avoided the shock by skipping the defender's leg, leaving enough boots to sway to foul.
However, he still hit the ground, rolling over and over the side of the roadxa0More than crazy people chasing cheese wheels on steep British mountains every year.The match took place in Moscow, and when he rolled the ball like a goose, he was somewhere near the Latvian border.As a person who slides a lot on the ground-my second touch is usually a forklift-I can say fake grassxa0Hurt, so why are you doing this over and over again is beyond my ability.
You'll make the sheets stick to the carpet and burn for weeks, which is disgusting and makes your mom very angry.Cristiano Ronaldo is widely regarded as the best player in the world (yes, yes, Messi's fans, he is also good and may be playing on my Sunday League social side) but he's one of the worst actors.If the World Cup is a horse race, someone will run out with a screen and a rifle and rescue them from the pain.
Nowxa0I 've never been in danger of being Vinnie Jones tough guy for any football team, but when I tear the medial ligament of my knee, Ixa0Stand up and try to turn it off like the coach said, only inxa0The broken joints are crumpled like Jenga tower.This is the way the Australian sport.Except for Robbie Cruise, who was founded on the ground like a flounder fish, most soc fish showed tenacity and willingness to put their bodies online.But then comes the reputation of the "body" game, which opposition coaches use as a dog whistle before the Australian game, so that the referee can protect their chief coach.
The controversial video assistant referee should not just be used to ignore the obvious shortcomings of the Australian goal (I am still a little bit of a injury to the Peruvian goal) but should also be used to catch the scammers of fake fouls and fake injuries.Then, the American Australian ball player can watch the game without real pain
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