giant inflatable football Festival a success despite weather

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-11
giant inflatable football Festival a success despite weather
Despite the bad weather affecting ticket sales, Brian Ritchie, director of Mona fumma, announced that this year's film festival was "an artistic success ".Yesterday, the scene of 2015 festival in Hobart was packed with people. Ricky named the giant inflatable sculpture Exxopolis and the sea music remix --The maritime ceremony is the "unorthodox success" of the festival ".
Strong winds forced Exxopolis to be deflated in almost half of the four citiesday festival."We did spend a lot of money, but now we're opening today, so we're hoping to get some back," Ritchie said ."."We don't just do things for money," he said .
Wet and windy weather is holding back door sales, but 40,000 people are still taking part, Rich said."We still reach our goal, but we feel that if the weather has a common effect, we will greatly exceed our goal.operated."But we choose to live in a place where the weather is changing and there is nothing we can do about it .
He said the festival will not make money.
"This is not only a gift to the public, but also a gift to the artist," he said .".While the number of interstate and international tourists is incomplete, Tasman accounts for only half of sales, Ritchie said.He said the capacity of shed 1 at Princes Wharf limited the expansion of the festival.
"The decision we have to make next year is whether we want to change the format in some way to increase capacity," he said .".Ritchie confirmed that the Dark MOFO will return to pw1
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