giant inflatable ball The Science of Getting More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-19
giant inflatable ball The Science of Getting More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
What does heat map and shopping have to do with trade shows?Most marketers know that when they look at advertising materials such as websites, brochures, and so on, hot maps are developed by following the customer's eye path.What you may not know, however, is that the same eyes --Capturing elements that perform well online or in print can also attract top performing through trade show displays.Many customers have deep insights into the way people move in crowded spaces.
By combining these two kinds of science, you have a powerful combination of information.The two main objectives of each trade show booth are to attract attention and attract people to the booth.When you show it in hundreds of companies, it's easier said than done, and thousands of people around you show it on every aisle.
To increase the flow of your booth.
Shopping vs.
Walking around the world-How do people shop.Why We Buy: shopping science provides abnormal information that is actually observed in a real retail environment.One surprising fact that Underhill points out is that shoppers almost always turn right after entering the store gate.
If you pay attention to other situations that require a person to "shop" (or stroll through the lobby full of trade show stalls), you will find that this is also common in these settings.Stand back and watch.Count the number of people who turn right after any given trade showPeople who turn leftWhat does this tell you?If possible, find a booth on the right side of the hall.When visitors are fresh and interested, you will meet them as soon as they enter instead of being tired and trying to escape forever --growing crowd.
Apply the heat map strategy to trade shows, showing in a variety of colors where people first see when viewing online or printed marketing works.The hotter the color (yellow, orange, and red), the more attractive certain elements are, and the longer people lock them.What wins every time?Colors, images, and things that look different.
These same factors can be applied to trade exhibition booths to encourage attendees to hone in on your booth instead of all the other ones.Inflatable toys give you a special advantage because they can contain all three elements.Imagine if you have a 15-foot-Company mascot.
This will certainly capture every eye in this place.Or how about a large inflatable replica?A 20-foot-Your best tall and colorful replicaThe sale of the product will certainly be considered unusual.What about in?Booth gifts?You can find inflatable key chains, balls, miniature product replicas and more.
Outdoor exhibition?Inflatable inflatable tents give some things to people halfway through because they are big and colorful and can be fitted with custom banners.Sports is another natural attraction.That's why heliumFilled inflatable toys are a perfect addition to any trade show display.Whether it's swinging in the breeze or using remote features to manipulate them so they can fly anywhere as ordered, you'll definitely turn a lot of heads.
A huge inflatable mascot and some inflatable giveaway will be given to you and the crowd will flock to you!This is probably the most successful trade show you have ever had!
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