giant inflatable ball Achievement through Minimal Effort: The Sung Principle of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-19
giant inflatable ball Achievement through Minimal Effort: The Sung Principle of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts
www.taichiteacher.Info @ taichiteacher..Song (pronounced Soong ).Although there is no direct correspondence concept in the English-speaking culture, the work translation will use "as little effort as possible" in terms of body and spirit ".Since Groupon is new to Western culture, there are different ways for individual schools to apply this principle, and I will introduce here a mixture of these several philosophies.When we apply singing to the body, we can divide the development into several stages.
The first stage is the static or static training stage of this principle.Static singing starts with a simple premise that the body does not need more force than the natural tension of the soft tissue to maintain a static position, distributing the weight at the bottom of the support.Experience this principle, completely relax your arm and let the partner lift it up until the hand rests on the shoulder plane in front of you without helping them.
Once they have positioned your arm, slowly control the weight of the arm until you reach the threshold where the arm remains raised.Your partner can help you by testing and putting your hands down.The feeling on your arm is the physical concept of a static form of singing to begin.
.Also known as Post Standing in some styles, there are many uses and we will only look at how it relates to song principles.The first step is to align the body.For example, we will use the position of Wu Wei, which is an anatomical correct position of weight bearing.This position is also known as the natural posture, which first aligns the foot forward and opens at a natural distance.
The natural distance of separating the feet is to align the outside of the feet towards the widest point of the body.Men often find their shoulders wider than their hips, while women often want to align their feet with their hips.Moving the knee up should be slightly bent and resting on it, consistent with the foot, the hips relax so the pelvis rolls below and the back is slightly flattened.
The shoulder blades relax so that they are in a neutral position, so that both the back and chest can expand during breathing, and the palm can be placed on the thigh.Finally, the head and neck should extend upwards along with the top of the head, the point of the head with the back of the skull, slightly lifting the chin, allowing the eyes to focus on one point in front.Look for the tension points and try to release them.
.Other station positions and standing positions can be used, including the endpoints in the form.Once the static concept of VLC is implemented, it is easier to enter the active version of this principle.When SungWhen applies the principle of "singing" in sports, do not confuse this principle with Yin or relaxation.
Most people keep too much tension when they start playing tai chi, so most coaches need to focus on releasing this muscle contraction, and unfortunately since then many students practice "soft andBalance training needs to understand how to move and apply bioengineering and effective techniques effectively without becoming nervous at the same time.Most Tai Chi players will push hands or perceive hands with new friends instead of providing too much resistance and they will collapse completely, which is a difficult stage for teachers and students..In this case, the brace means providing enough "presence" in the arms and body so that the joint does not collapse when the energy moving to the partner is effectively neutralised.
My favorite game as an active presence is a simple sense hand game while it also teaches leaders and follow partners, it also teaches to maintain a relaxed but vibrant arm and body.In the face of your partner, put the Palm on your partner, and when the leader tries to maintain the same level of stress and proper body alignment and position of the palm, decide who will lead first.This is a simple game of relative strength that neither increases nor reduces force, which leads to the use of this "sing" principle when dealing with "live" weights.
The weight of "live" comes from the living people and the tools or weapons they wave."Live" weight changes direction and change as other people's bodies and centers change.In contrast, the "dead" force is what we experience when a runaway car hits you or when we try to lift a chair.
The weight of "living" is what we experience in pushing hands and fighting.This is an adjustment to the body posture, creating "singing" in this case ".The structure of the body should be inflated with a weight ball inside, and unless subjected to another force, the center weight remains the same distance as the force.
In this example, we play in yield mode, so the movement of the ball stops when the force stops or no longer connects to the weight (center of gravity), but the ball itself does not crash.If we go back to our game, if the leader does not push the followers to move.So far, we have been talking about the indirect pressure impact on song.
In fact, it is almost impossible to produce such force.With off-We found another incident happening.The pressure on the center of the body directly creates movement away from the push Source and moves to the side.
The result is to move out of the Force line at the central core, neutralise the force.While as long as it does not exceed the force required to maintain proper body alignment, the body's shell (our previous inflatable balloon) may still be exposed to the inertia of the body.Obviously, the dead will continue in the same direction, eventually somewhere behind our ball and the game is over.
On the other hand, the live weight can be redirected so that our balls need to scroll or move again.This is a redirect for those who have already done a hand push.Since the force is connected to the center of the body again, our ball needs to roll again in another direction.
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