giant blow up football 'Chaotic': Two women dead, 17 injured after balcony collapse at Doncaster East

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-12
giant blow up football \'Chaotic\': Two women dead, 17 injured after balcony collapse at Doncaster East
On Saturday night, neighbors of the house where two people died and 17 were injured described the incident as a "Bible ".Andrew Stone is at his home in Doncaster at about 9.When he heard the crash"I ignored a lot of the noise you heard nearby, and the sound of the balcony crashing let me get off the chair," Mr Stone said .
"At first I thought it might be a fight or something happened.I heard the crash.It may be five seconds long after the event, but it feels like forever.Two women were killed and 17 others were injured as the timber balcony at the back of the Balinga Court house collapsed during what is believed to be the Tupperware Christmas party.
More than 30 people stood on the balcony when it gave way.The nursing staff described the scene as "chaos ".Victoria Ambulance launched a major emergency plan, using more than a dozen ambulances to transport the injured to several hospitals throughout the city.
A 59-year-Old Croydon woman died at the scene.Axa037-year-An old Reservoir woman was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where she died on Sunday morning.Another 10 women aged 20 to 69 and 7 men sustained soft tissue injuries, fractures and tears.
They were taken to hospitals in Boxhill, Austin and maloda.Bell Nolan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, said many people were trapped.When the furniture collapsed, she said, there was furniture on the balcony, including a barbecue and a refrigerator.
The house is L-It is believed that the balcony may have collapsed into the pool area.The incident was "very loud, very loud", Mr. Stone said "."It's very sharp.Like a tree was cut down."The crash was in the Bible," he said ."\ "It doesn't sound at all.xa0I 've heard of it before, and of course, the next thing is screaming.
Quite nervous.
Stone said he went outside and saw other neighbors there, some with blankets and chairs to help people.When I hear someone reallyxa0"It's crazy to call three zeros on the street," he said .".He said a police officer told him that the party had been taking pictures on the balcony.
"This is really devastating," Mr.
Stone said .
"The residents are a lovely couple.
..Obviously, they often hold Tupperware parties."This is not what you think: the balcony.This will not happen in dondoncaster.Rented a large brick house on a quiet street in the suburbs.Christmas lights at the entrance to the house were still flashing on Sunday morning.
Giant blow-Santa Claus is decorated on the lawn, and there are a few angry Santa Claus lying on the bed of the garden.There was a light on in the empty house.There are two Tupperware cars in the driveway of the house.State health commander Paul Holman said the incident was "very tragic" for those involved ".
"At this time, our thoughts are with them and their loved ones," he said ."
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