geodesic home for sale 19th Georgian manor Calstock is for sale for $3.8m

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-19
geodesic home for sale 19th Georgian manor Calstock is for sale for $3.8m
A Georgian manor, once home to two Melbourne Cup champions.xa0Sheep fattening companies that have run beef cattle are looking for new bosses.Built in 1831 by Thomas Ford, carlstok is surrounded by 80 hectares of land and farmland for various agricultural purposes.
There are many corners and gaps inside and outside the vast home, as it overlooks Quamby Bluff and the Great Western class.Calstock was sold to express interest for more than $3.8 million.Lieutenant Foo acquired the land in the 1800 s and was significantly increased in 1854.
It was purchased by the Field family and left in their handsxa0It was sold in 119 but in 1972."This is the best Georgian house in tazhou," said Landmark Realtor John Hewitt .".Mr. Hewitt said that given the age of the building, the current owner of Calstock has restored the building to perfection, meaning that it is one of the most unique properties on the market.
Carstok has many lives.
it was originally a horse race.
The field family is a horse racing breeder who has bred two Melbourne Cup champions from the stables.There are 16 main homesHigh ceiling decorated with delicate ceiling rose feet."The property has been repaired sensitively and in good condition, maintaining an atmosphere of its long history," Mr Hewitt said .
There are 10 bedrooms, 8 suites, a large dining room, a formal living room, library and office in the home.Modern facilities include a large conservatory overlooking the garden, a circular hall, a firehouse, a garage and three garages, all in line with the original house.The greenhouse was built with floors.to-Ceiling windows overlooking the ground.
Hewitt said he believed the new greenhouse was built years ago and original.Former owners of Calstock used the property as a sheep farm and beef farm.Current owners use the property for private use and rent farmland to livestock.
So is it.
xa0Was used as a boutique hotel in 2006.
The property also includes converted stables that appear to be built in three phasesThe oldest part is the eastern floor.Once, the wool bag was stored on the upper floor of the building, but it has been converted into a three-bedroom apartmentxa0It features portholes to commemorate the naval tradition of foo
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