football tunnels for sale Tasmania's ultimate man cave for sale | Photos

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-07
football tunnels for sale Tasmania\'s ultimate man cave for sale | Photos
On the mainland, $3 million is available.xa0Six-Bedroom house in Manly, evenxa0Melbourne Harbour penthouseHotel Clifftop isxa020-Only minutes drive from Hobart, including 8 hectares of land, 300square-It is the most unusual wine cellar in Australia.Ofxa0The wine cellar is located in a nine-story tunnel.Like in the Bond movie, mining experts spent 6-and-a-Half a month to build.
At the top of the cliff, the door of a bank vault sealed the entrance to the tunnel and the cellar.The stairs lead through the rock tunnel to the main wine cellar, which can accommodate up to 4000 bottles of wine.A medieval-The style table with 32 seats extends along the middle of the cellar.
Go down again, there are more stairs with storage space, there is a clever one at the bottom of the tunnelEntrance to the water.The only ordinaryThe building of the apartment is a shed with bathroom and kitchen facilities.The property mayxa0Is amazing, but due to itsxa0The owner found out.
xa0It takes time to sell this unusual property: it has been in the market for more than two years.Gold Morgan, a property sales agent at Charlotte Peters Wald, said they were certainly interested in the pastxa0A year, but the propertyxa0Need onexa0Special buyers."This will require a person with a strong sense of adventure, a very interesting person, and a person with resources," Morgan said .
Don't everyone want a tunnel?He said the businessman who owns the property has built the tunnel for a year --To the shore, you can also build an excellent wine cellar ".The owner is a private man who is interested in finance and real estate development, and since he no longer lives in tazhou, he decides to sell the house.He originally planned to build "quite a decent home" at the top of the tunnel,xa0The plan was abandoned when he moved overseas.
"As far as he is concerned, this is a project that is already in operation," Morgan said .".The only real downside of the property is that it does not bring in an impressive collection of wines (although it may be negotiable ).Whatever Morgan says, Cliff.Top properties in the world-Class plots, tidal marks that the title extends down to the shore.
\ "Itxa0"It's great," he said .
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