football tunnels for sale 10 most terrible and frightful places of the world

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football tunnels for sale 10 most terrible and frightful places of the world
Halloween passed a long time ago, but the terrible places in our world did not disappear.They will still itch for amateurs who want to see this adrenaline and scary stories, as any regular tourist can escape as quickly as possible.So, here are the 10 most terrible places in the world, one is more terrible than the other.
The mutt Medical History Museum in Philadelphia is a Museum of Pathology, ancient medical equipment and biological exhibitions, located among the oldest complex teaching doctors in North America.Nice Museum.The most famous is the huge collection of skulls.There is also a collection of all possible unique exhibitions, for example, a female corpse turned into soap where she was buried.
There are Siam twins here.
their liver is the skeleton of the two.
Children and other horrible exhibitions.
Lagoon sianow's Lagoon "ruk" an important part of the Japanese navy is located at the bottom of the shallow Lagoon in Micronesia West Asia, from Hawaii to the southwest.Jacques Cousteau explores deep blue depths in 1971, embedded with fragments of warships and aircraft carriers that sank in 1944, and divers can approach them.Even though so far, people are still afraid of crew members who still haven't left their combat positions.
Ships and planes grew up in coral reefs a long time ago, but so far, curious new tourists have become their victims.3.Sonora, Mexico's magical market in Mexico City, the Mexican witch sitting on a stall, can quickly get rid of poverty and adultery for just $10.The tent wall in the cage is hung with tortured Zhenqi iguanas, frogs and wild birds.
The Sonora Market is open daily to pilgrims from Mexico and tourists from far away places who pursue the promise of fate prediction and a good life.This is a place where all local residents can get some new "supernatural" stuff from the potion of the ancient Aztec formula to the Buddha statue.Diehard enthusiasts may try to buy a little bit of blood from a rattlesnake or dry hummingbird here for success.
But it is necessary to remember that the Magic of Mexico is not a joke: The National Association of Wizards is involved in the presidential election in order to use the call to change them in a fair and free manner.4.Chil Festival Island, one of the most mysterious places on earth is Easter festival island, which has a huge image of giant, carved from stone and grown into the ground under the weight of the millennium.The statues looked at the sky as if they had committed some mysterious crimes.
Only stone giants know where the people who built them went missing.No one knows the secrets of making and moving, and no one knows to place these huge statues on the island of Easter festival that grow up to 21 m and weigh up to 90 tons.In fact, they are often removed more than 20 kilometers from the quarry where ancient sculptors work.
Now, on this once-mighty, civilized and prosperous island, life barely flashes, and no one knows where the mysterious builders come from, and then where they disappear.Of course, only those who have read Thor Heydar's childhood notes know this.All these mysteries.How the statues were made and then placed there was no longer a secret to them.
With the tourists, nciak bogs floating in the swamp under the light of the torch are surrounded by ancient cypress trees and long Moss strings, hanging on cypress branches.The howling heard in the distance can belong to the soft-ga-rou -The Werewolf version of the card.Nciak bogs is still called "bogs of Phantom ".
They're in the new neighborhood.
New Orleans, this is a goth dream.
It is said that bogs was cursed by the voodoo queen when they were captured in the early XX century.During the hurricane in 1915, three small villages disappeared here.The peace at this bill's cemetery is regularly broken by new bodies.
More than 100 of commercial heritage-years old.Also, most of the crocodiles here, not the bodies, are not picky about fresh tourist meat.6.Catacombs in Paris, bones and skulls in France are piled up on either side of the corridor because there is a lot of goods in the warehouse.
The air here is very dry.
It only shows a little bit of decomposition.There are also inscriptions, basically inscriptions during the French Revolution, cursing kings and nobles.When you enter the catacombs near Paris, it becomes clear why Victor Hugo and Anne Rice write well.
Known history of these vaultsThey extend about 187 kilometres across the city, and only their insignificant parts are open to the public.Others are said to be patrolled by legendary underground special police, though most likely dead.Or, maybe, it's done by the vampire Legion.
In the end, however, who will arrange them there?There are Quarries even in the Roman era, and when the Paris cemetery spills, 1785 of the tunnels are the same as they are now.7.The "magic" Winchester House is a huge building, and many prejudices are related to it.One fortune-Taylor told Sarah Winchester Arms's heiress that if she does not leave Connecticut for the West, does not build such a house, the ghost of the person killed by the Winchester gun will hunt her down, it was impossible for her to finish all her life.
The building began construction in San Jose in 1884 and was not completed in 38 years until Sarah died.Now, in the 160 rooms of the house, there lived her crazy Phantom: a ladder that extends directly to the ceiling, a door that opens in the middle of the wall, a spider's motive, Candra, a hook.Since the house was open for a visit, there have been complaints on the clapping door, the evening steps, the moving lights, and the door handle that you turn.
Even if visitors don't believe in the Phantom, the huge size of the place is impressive.8.There are some streets in Edinburgh's Mary King dead end, hidden under the medieval City of Edinburgh, with a gloomy past.The victims of the 17th-century plague were shut down and left dead, known for the pol.
Here are some invisible things that touch the hands and feet of visitors.It is believed that this is Annie's Phantom, a very young girl whose parents left there in 1645.100.The word is very popular in terrible fairy tales.
A new building was built in the dead end of Mary King.In 2003, a dead end was opened for tourists, attracted by stories about their supernatural spirit.Tourists will lead down from stone steps to narrow oppression alleys.
In addition to the room of anny hills, there is a return to the exposition of medieval plague life and death.The most important thing is not to stop, especially when you feel the cold breath of death.9.SicilyAleister Crowley's mysterious monastery h5 lema may be one of the world's most despicable mystics, a stone farmer's house filled with gloomy pagan murals that used to be the carnival capital of Satan in the world.
At least that's what was considered in 1920.s.Crawley is known for his admirers, such as Marilyn Manson and the fact that he appeared on the cover of the album Sgt."Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band ".Crawley created the monastery, called Utopia, which describes the rabbi in gagantu, whose motto is "do whatever you want ".
It became a commune of free love.
Beginners are forced to spend the night in the "nightmare room" because they are under anesthesia with heroin and marijuana, staring at the murals of the earth, heaven and hell.After the death of the British pop Playboy Monastery, the media commented, forcing Mussolini to close the Mickey-mouse outfit.In 1945, the infamous underground director Kenneth Enjie discovered the history and filmed a film there, which then mysteriously disappeared.
Now the monastery is shabby and full of grass.However, some of the murals that Crawley has intimidated followers are still kept inside.Visitors who tend to be mysterious can stroll there and scratch their nerves.
Tourists from Ukraine's Chernobyl accident arrived in the abandoned Ukrainian city of pripiat and entered the alienation zone.Everything has been thrown away in a hurry since that terrible 1986 incident, when the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant forced thousands of people to leave their house forever.The apartment is open;Ivy was wrapped around the painted walls of the nursery, toys were scattered all over the place, and unread newspapers were left on the kitchen table.
The swing swayed under a dead Wind in the yard, still squeaking.Now, when the radiation level drops to a safe enough level,During the long visit, the Chernobyl area was open for tourists.Travel to Chernobyl is almost the same, as activities in the alienated zone are very limited.
Usually, tourists leave Kiev by bus, then walk to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and pass by to see the "stone coffin ".Walking along the streets of the city of Pripyat is possible-And visit the parking lot of contaminated vehicles.It is also possible to satisfy the local selfSettlers, residents of the "restricted area.
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