football toss Super Bowl Kids' Game

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-22

This mini-Football throwing is a portable rear end party that makes any child feel like part of a Super Bowl.The kids will be sure to get bored, upset and need something to keep their attention when the intermission is over, so you can get back to the subway.This game is easy to make, easier to play, and so addictive that you will be left alone long enough to enjoy every moment of the big game.Let your own miniFootball throwing game, you need: 2 2 long wood, 2 4 Long Wood, 20 Long Wood, 32 \ "x24 \" foam core board (this size for 2-5 year old, but it's a good idea to have a higher foam core if you have a bigger child), 2 20 "x26" emerald green paper, 8 \ "x11 \" white paper, drill bit with Phillips accessory and 1/8 \ "pilot tip accessory, 4 2 1/2 \" drywall screws, scissors, digital template, cutting pad, XActo knife, hot glue gun, glue stick, White crayons, white pencil, 12 \ "ruler, 24 \" ruler, 18 \ "tin is used as a round pattern, and foam football of children's size.Take your glue stick and cover the surface of the foam sheet with glue.Press two sheets of paper on the foam core.Make sure the entire surface of the foam core is covered.Put your board in frontDown side (green ).Using your X-Acto knife, trim the excess green paper.Start with your pencil and your round tin from the top of the board down and track your target hole in the middle.Put your 32 and 20 together and make an L shape with them.Align the bottom angle perfectly and drill two pilot holes on stacked wood.Then drill two screws on the wood.Repeat on the other side and stack two pieces of wood in the opposite way.After drilling the two screws into each pair, the bracket of the board looks like this.Take your 24 feet, start every 4 feet from the bottom and draw the target and yard line on the 24-inch wide board.Make 5 total.Use your white pencil, then fill in with your white crayons and make your yard line number above the line on the far right of the blackboard.Starting from 10, the last line at the bottom of the board drops to 50.Cut out 4 pieces of white paper 1/2 with scissors.Apply your white strip paper around the 18 \ "hole to make the target sticker.Apply hot glue on the front of your 2 "x4" boards and press the foam core on it.Voila!Get ready for your best shot.
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