entrance mat How to Care for White Oak Wood Floors

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-03
Have you recently invested in your house by installing white oak floors?Do you live in an old house and enjoy the charm of the original oak floor?If you have any of these locations, or somewhere in the middle, with white oak floors, you will want to take care of and maintain them properly.Proper care will keep the gloss and beauty of the floor and help to keep the added value of your home through hardwood floors.Dust and debris on the oak floor scratch the surface and dim it.
Regular cleaning and vacuuming will keep the floor beautiful and protect them from damage.Keeping dust and other particles away from the floor can also eliminate allergens attached to the wood that can be trapped on the carpet.Remove dirt using a broom and dust proof pan or a light vacuum cleaner.
Do not need to mop the ground frequently.
Use a slightly wet sponge mop while wiping the oak floor.Avoid bunching mops and excess water.Please make sure to use only the detergent formulated to cover the hardwood floor with polyurethane and follow the instructions carefully.When mopping the ground, squeeze out the excess water in the mop, and rinse it thoroughly with clear water after mopping the ground.
Towels dry the floor to reduce the wet time of hardwood floors.Between wet mopeds, on-site cleaning of hardwood floors keeps them clean.Simply cleaning up the dirty little area will make the floor look clean and fresh without needing to mop the floor as usual.
Occasional cleaning reduces the amount of exposure to moisture and chemicals due to mopping.Entrance mats and carpets are the easiest way to protect oak floors.The dirt and debris carried on the shoes scratch and dim the polyurethane finish covered on the hardwood floor.
There is a mat at each door.
Place carpet on highFamily members and guests often sit under the transport area and furniture.Clean up any spills in time.Additional care is required in rooms such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry room with frequent use of water.Avoid letting drops fall on the floor around the sink and bathtub.
Place mats in these areas to prevent dripping of water on the floor.If your air conditioner and stove allow you to control the humidity in your home, keep the humidity between 35 and 50%.Pay attention to common things around your home that can damage the floor.
Use felt pads under furniture, especially chairs that move frequently.Simple things like broken shoes scratch the floor.Pay attention to broken high heels or rocks stuck on the sole of the shoe.
If you have a pet at home, you can trim your toenails
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