Easy and Fun Ways to Entertain Your Church Youth Group - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-08
Easy and Fun Ways to Entertain Your Church Youth Group  -  fireproof
It's been several years now.I am very proud to know that I am getting to talk about God's change with a new generation of believers.Great young people.Nothing pleases me more than answering their questions and seeing the true curiosity of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.Abandoned the world, picked up his own cross and decided to let Jesus into their lives.
It was a glorious moment and I am grateful that I can be one of them.It has never been a problem for children.Most of the time it goes well and children usually get involved in their own stories and discussions.The problem is to entertain them before or after the course.
In my area, I found this to be a problem they deal with a lot.Basketball and Volleyball always make them happy and happy on warm days, but rainy and snowy days are a new challenge for leaders.In those days when it's not sunny?I hope to give you some ideas that will help to do this.
I hope these ideas will work for you and make it easier for your team to manage.In fact, this game started in the days when I fell wrest as a professional.We will do a training task called "I am.You just have to take a step forward and tell the coach who you are is your wrestling character.
in the church.
Let your students form a circle.
A person will become the first person or the first person in the circle.They must finish the sentence..Write it down and no one can say that God is love.them self.You have finished the first round when you return to the starting point.
Yes and complete the sentence according to the same rules as before.It's easy and fun, right?The third round will be me and the children have to describe themselves in one or two words.It's always fun because you never know what they say.
The last round was a little different.
Let the children look at the person on their left and now they will say you are and complete sentences about the neighbors in their circle.In the group, and even to some extent, a little personality was found in the group.This also makes them more familiar with the rest of the group.
..It takes some serious planning, but it's worth the extra hassle in the end.Simply ask questions based on the class you just took.Or if they are big enough to do so.You start with solving the rules of the game that you really want.
and answer.
The value of each question should be 100 points for the first 2 or 3 questions and then gradually rise.This allows you to really see who is listening to this class and who is not, so that you can make adjustments in future meetings.This is also a great way for children to show what they have learned and have a little fun at the same time.
Let the children fight with the leaders.
There are leaders who deliberately ask.
Suppose you ask "Who is Mary's husband ?"?\ "There is a leader buzzing inside, saying Brother Rabbit.The children will correct them immediately.Then the leader will look at his team and say "sorry, I really thought I had that team ".
There are really several purposes for this.Build bonds of trust and friendship.It's also very interesting for children to beat the leader and get a sense of accomplishment.The film takes advantage of the popularity of American idols.
.The leader will be held by a judge.
After the children are done, every judge will say something very good except to play Simon's judge.They don't say anything mean, they just say something very ridiculous.With the belt "victory of Jesus", the judges praised her and mentioned Simon.
Simon might say, "you're doing well, but it really needs more peanut butter and stupid putty \" which is going to crash the kids, even those who are usually shy will jump in and sing directly to hear stupid comments from Judge Simon.This is a great way to break down the barriers of shyness and let the children express themselves more.When you have any questions, the movie will be released!!!I find that movies are always a good way to make anyone happy.
Choose a healthy Christian film.
Our choice is "fire prevention" and "Facing the Giants ".It is interesting to note that "facing the Giants" sparked this feeling among my two young students, encouraging them to religiously choose to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.In order to attract people's attention, movies are always a bet worthy of recognition.
.I especially like God being bigger.
I hope something here will inspire you, even a little bit.Thank God.This is even a good idea for adult groups."Struggle with temptation," a film of this nature perfectly combines inner feelings with piety.
I like to capture the message that needs to be conveyed with a movie.It's really a great and resourceful way to help people.The success of a good youth group program really depends on how much the leader can motivate the youth.
You must be ready to listen and learn with them and grow as they do.It may be difficult for young people to be interested in walking with Jesus, but the reward is far greater than the struggle.I always tell young people to be ready.If you do it right, you will learn as much as they do, and you will begin to see the heart of every child you touch, this is a vital step in the process of making the words of our Savior expressive and absorbing fun and excitement.
I wish you all the best in this regard and may God bless you
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