Does Dog Agility Seesaw Designs Affect the Performance of Dogs on the Obstacle? - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-28
Does Dog Agility Seesaw Designs Affect the Performance of Dogs on the Obstacle?  -  see-saw
Dog agility seesaw is one of the most challenging obstacles to training any breed of dog.Dog Behavior in visual movement --The saw does not usually happen, but will be learned.Whether it's for competition or entertainment, the most important skill that coaches/processors and dogs need to learn is coordination.
Teams should work together quickly, efficiently and safely.The dog's speed, accuracy and preference for obstacles vary throughout the process.That's why processors have to adjust their handling techniques to support dogs in any obstacle.
Technical, physical education and educational training are important.Dogs must be in good health and can run and jump without stress and body damage.SeeSaw is different from any obstacle because its performance depends on the obstacle equipment itself.
The structure and design of the seesaw have a great influence on its movement or movement.To ensure consistency in the performance of the device, the dog agile organization sets the standard board size and pivot height.However, the load is still not responding.
A seesaw solution with performance features is designed.Carefully selected materials for specific design.Experts evaluated the impact of design on dog performance.
The purpose is to determine the response of the design to different types of loads.They want to know how different loads and apps affect the response of the dog's agile seesaw.They also wanted to determine the reaction to suddenly stop the rotation of the board.
There are three series of tests performed.Sandbags are placed on the arm of the seesaw, with different weights, and are released to measure the time from the start position to the floor impact.Similarly, another test was carried out to determine the stiffness of the plates used, and the final Test was the bending capacity of the evaluation board.
Agile organizations must establish a set of standards for dogs regarding the specification of seesaw stiffness and load conditions.This set of criteria will allow the dog to predict how it will behave on obstacles.They should make sure that the performance of the seesaw disorder is similar to that of any size dog.
The expert recommends the use of the blade/plate fulcrum as it avoids the friction effect of the pipe and the response to different loads.The harder boards show less plate whip, and the drooping of the base is still a problem.In order to solve this problem, it is recommended to add the force attenuation into the base.
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